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Brits Divided After Food Writer Claims Bacon Sandwich Should Have Marmalade On It

Brits Divided After Food Writer Claims Bacon Sandwich Should Have Marmalade On It

Felicity Cloake says the two go together perfectly

Similar to the way someone pronounces the word 'scone', what condiment a person uses for their bacon sandwich can tell you a lot about them; a window into their soul.

But food writer Felicity Cloake has caused some serious divisions after revealing that she likes smothering her pork in marmalade.

Now, obviously, this is wrong - ketchup is the correct and only answer - but let's hear her out, because she does make a strong case for the orange jelly.

Discussing the bacon sarnie in an interview to promote her new book, 'Red Sauce, Brown Sauce: A British Breakfast Odyssey', Felicity told The Guardian: "I feel like a bad British person for saying this – I much prefer English mustard in a bacon sandwich. And marmalade.

"Think about it – ham is often glazed with mustard and honey.

Felicity Cloake says marmalade is perfect for a bacon sarnie.

"A friend introduced me to it, and it feels like a Damascene moment every time I eat one."

She said that she felt ketchup seemed more 'middle class' or 'southern' than other options out there like brown sauce.

Felicity said: "Almost everyone I spoke to in the UK had an opinion."

"It felt as though brown sauce was more northern and ketchup was a bit of a newcomer, more southern and possibly more middle class.

"If I had to join a camp then I’d say brown sauce, with its spices, is the connoisseur’s choice.

"Ketchup just makes everything taste of ketchup."

As she suggests, it's a hot topic for the nation, with everyone having their own preference.

And unsurprisingly, marmalade is a new one for most.

There are plenty of people out there hoping to try it after Felicity's recommendation.

"Cancelled for disrespecting the bacon butty," joke one.

While another added: "Butter, marmite, ketchup, smokey bacon; nuff said."

But it seems there were some adventurous souls out there who were eager to put it to the test.

Praising the choice, one fan commented: "Ha excellent I'll give it a go next time I make one."

Echoing the intrigue, another added: "I gotta try that. The two most British sandwiches, together at last. Maybe just add some marmite."

But this isn't the first time in recent months that marmalade had caused divisions among subscribers to the Great British breakfast.

Last year, all hell broke loose after BBC presenter Louise Minchin revealed she adds marmalade to her sausage sandwiches.

Co-presenter Dan Walker asked his colleague: "Sausage sandwich - red sauce or brown sauce?" to which she replied: "Neither - marmalade. That's really messed with your head hasn't it?".

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