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Unearthed footage that's thought to be the only recording of Banksy's face

Unearthed footage that's thought to be the only recording of Banksy's face

Footage that is believed to be the only recording of Banksy shows a small glimpse of what the famed artist may look like.

Since first springing onto the scene in the 1990s, the identity of the famed artist Banksy has remained a mystery.

The Bristol-born artist is known across the world for his unique graffiti-style work seen from New York to his hometown.

There have been many theories over the years as to who Banksy may be - with one of the most popular ones that he could be Massive Attack's Robert Del Naja - though that was never proven.

Banky's work is known across the world - but who exactly are they?
Martyn Goddard / Alamy Stock Photo

Reports have even come suggesting Banksy is a man named Robin Gunningham from Bristol - which was corroborated by his former classmates - but still, this hasn't been confirmed.

However, there is some unearthed footage of a man that is thought to be the only recording of Banksy's face.

The footage was discovered by ITV, and was filmed during the 2003 Turf War exhibition in London. Watch the fascinating clip below:

His identity is not fully revealed as the main who claims to be the anonymous street artists dons a baseball cap and a balaclava to cover his face.

In the interview, he stands in front of a number of collection pieces, including painted farm animals, while he talks to reporters.

Speaking to ITV News correspondent Haig Gordon, who has since retired, the man who claims to be Banksy said: "I'm disguised because you can't really be a graffiti writer and then go public".

"The two things don't quite go together."

Later in the ITV Vault video, the man is shown spray painting an insect stencil and a separate clip reveals a picture of a baby playing with alphabet blocks that spell 'KILL MORE', both are which are Banksy's claimed work.

The footage was uncovered in 2019 by Bristol-based ITV reporter Robert Murphy, who was doing some research on Banksy.

In the Vault, Murphy spoke to Gordon about interviewing the man who claims to be Banksy, but had forgotten the interview until the Bristol reporter reminded him.

The man interviewed by ITV News claimed to be Banksy.
ITV News/ YouTube

Gordon claims that he saw the man's face but today he can no longer remember what he looks like.

"It is strange isn't it - there's a great value attached to any sight of him (Banksy)," said Gordon.

"I had a full sight of him and I've completely squandered it."

To this day, the identity of Banksy remains a mystery, 30 years on from his first piece of unique artwork.

Many have supported the idea that Banksy is a team of artists and not just one person, which would explain how his work seems to pop up across the globe.

But still, it is a guessing game.

Featured Image Credit: ITV News

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