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Why Ford decided to launch a ‘men’s only car’ on International Women’s Day

Why Ford decided to launch a ‘men’s only car’ on International Women’s Day

On the face of it, it seemed like a very odd choice

Ford Motor Company launched a 'men's only car' on International Women's Day.

And while it seems like a mega-odd move, allow us to explain.

The advert was released last year, and is narrated by Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston.

It's been hugely praised by women and was designed to celebrate the 'significant role that women have played' in the automobile industry from its very inception.

The car is titled 'The Ford Explorer Men's Only Edition', and you can watch the ad below:

Still confused? Let us explain.

The car is designed without many of the essential features developed by women, including heaters, windshield wipers, turn signals, brake lights, and GPS.

"This women's history month, Ford salutes the visionary automotive work by women past, present and future," the ad explains.

Just to clarify, at the end of the ad, Ford make it clear that the ad was a celebration of women and that 'this vehicle is not really for sale'.

Over on the Ford website, they explain: "To support the campaign throughout the month, Ford will highlight the achievements and contributions of female innovators of the past and present on and across the company's social media accounts," the company states on their website.

"This Women’s History Month, we salute the contributions women have made to the automotive industry by literally taking those contributions out. No heat. No brake lights. No GPS. And no way we’d be here today or where we’re going tomorrow without them."

The car is designed without many of the essential features developed by women.
Ford Motor Company

Speaking about Florence Lawrence, who invented brake signals, Ford added: "In 1914, it was Florence Lawrence’s turn. Turn signal that is. Back then, roads were dangerous, especially when people drove too closely to one another.

"So, this stage performer and film actress-turned-inventor created turn signal traffic flags. These signal flags helped cars behind her know where she was going and when to stop.

"But of course, she didn’t stop there. Florence then invented brake signals for the rear bumper too. Putting this boss lady firmly in the driver’s seat."

The marketing ploy has been praised by women.
Ford Motor Company

The marketing ploy has been praised by women for acknowledging their impact on the industry.

One woman commented: "I got concerned for a second. Slay Ford!!"

And another said: "At first I thought it was knocking men for not using those features, but I like this twist better."

While a third added: "Alright, this is perfection, well done Ford."

And a fourth wrote: "Makes me even more proud to be a Ford owner hahaha."

Meanwhile a fifth added: "I love it! Whoever thought of this I salute you. A lot of people don't realize just how much women do contribute to a lot of things."

Featured Image Credit: Ford

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