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The Villain From The Girl In The Picture Is Still Alive And Is Still On Death Row

The Villain From The Girl In The Picture Is Still Alive And Is Still On Death Row

Franklin Delano Floyd still doesn't have an execution date 20 years after he was convicted of murder.

The Netflix documentary Girl in the Picture has captivated audiences around the world.

It focuses on how an investigation into a 20-year-old woman's death unravels a horrifying history that gets more shocking and surprising with each twist and turn.

Franklin Delano Floyd was the villain in the film as it was revealed he not only kidnapped Suzanne Marie Sevakis (also known as Sarah Marshall) from an early age and raised her as his daughter before marrying her, but also killed Cheryl Ann Commesso in 1989 and kidnapped 6-year-old Michael Anthony Hughes in 1994.

He was convicted in the kidnapping case and was handed a lengthy jail sentence because he used a weapon during the incident.

However, he was eventually convicted in 2002 of Commesso's murder and sentenced to death.

Floyd has been on death row ever since and is still alive to this day.

Many people who have watched The Girl in the Picture have been shocked to discover Floyd hasn't yet been put to death yet.

HITC reports Floyd has been kept at Union Correctional Institution in Florida.

Even though he was given a death sentence two decades ago, 'no execution date has been set', according to Newsweek.

In 2015, Floyd finally admitted to killing Michael Anthony Hughes after the 1994 kidnapping.

FBI Special Agent Scott Lobb revealed in an article: “Floyd felt the pressure and he just ran out of patience.”

Lobb recalled the moment he got the confession from Floyd.

“He turned and looked at me and said, ‘I shot him twice in the back of the head to make it real quick'." he said.

He told the FBI where the body was buried, however a large-scale scan of the area found no human remains.

Floyd claimed Michael was his son, however DNA tests revealed there was no biological connection between the two.

The young boy went into foster care and was showing good signs of progress before he was kidnapped by Floyd at his school.

Girl in the Picture uncovers the tragic history of Suzanne Marie Sevakis and how she was a bright girl with so much potential.

She was eventually killed at just 20 years of age in what authorities have deemed to be a hit and run.

For fans looking to learn more about the shocking story, Netflix is also publishing a special five-part audio miniseries also titled Girl in the Picture, which will feature 'complementary information and interviews not seen in the film'.

The first two episodes of the podcast arrived on the You Can’t Make This Up feed on 29 June, with subsequent episodes published once a week thereafter

Featured Image Credit: Florida Department of Corrections (Creative Commons). Netflix

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