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Geelong captain praised for bringing club’s water boy onto the field to celebrate winning AFL grand final

Geelong captain praised for bringing club’s water boy onto the field to celebrate winning AFL grand final

Joel Selwood made a beeline for someone that deserved to share the winning rush with the team moments after the final siren.

In the moments after the final siren sounded at the AFL Grand Final, Geelong Cats captain Joel Selwood made a beeline for someone in the crowd.

As his teammates celebrated their premiership win after their blistering 81-point defeat of the Sydney Swans, Selwood set out to find the club's waterboy, Sam Moorfoot.

In footage that has since gone viral on social media, the Geelong captain could be seen locking on to Moorfoot.

Moorfoot locked his arms around his hero as his face turned from joy to shock at what Selwood had just said into his ear.

Although the words couldn't be heard on camera, it was clear in the moments that followed what was about to happen.

Footy fans in the stands helped launch the 29-year-old over the railing to celebrate on the hallowed grounds of the MCG with the team he keeps so close to his heart.

Moorfoot, who has Down syndrome, was then draped in a Grand Final victory medal and blinded everyone in the stands with the biggest grin that footy field is likely to ever see.

In the manic, post-win rush that followed, Moorfoot told Channel 7's commentators Hamish McLachlan and Daisy Pearce that the Geelong captain is his best friend.

Selwood and Moorfoot.

"I'm a training assistant and a water boy, and am very proud of my job," Moorfoot explained, explaining his role with the Cats.

And, despite having Cats defender Sam De Konig's arms wrapped around him during the post-match interview, Moorfoot didn't hold back when he was asked who his footy hero was.

"Joel Selwood, 100 per cent ... Joel is actually my best friend. He is a legend, and he's just the best," Moorfoot said on Channel 7's post-match coverage.

"[This is the] best day of my life."

Moorfoot missed his own chance at grand final victory earlier this year when his team, the Geelong Dragons, went down to the Kananook Bulls.

And his mate Selwood was there to cheer him on in his loss.

"We share a very special friendship, and I consider him like family. He has my back and I have his," the Cats captain told the Age in August. 

So if you weren't tearing up already after Selwood's incredible gesture on Grand Final day, there's that.

Excuse us while we wipe our eyes because, at the heart of it, footy doesn't get much better than that.

Featured Image Credit: AFL/Twitter.

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