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Generous Boss Gives £750 To Staff To Help With Cost Of Living Crisis

Generous Boss Gives £750 To Staff To Help With Cost Of Living Crisis

Managing director David Anderson handed out the 'energy supplement’ to all 58 of his workers.

A generous boss has given each of his employees £750 in a bid to help with the rising cost of household bills. 

The UK is facing increasing inflation, soaring energy and fuel prices and rising taxes, leaving many households struggling to make ends meet. 

To alleviate his staff’s concerts, managing director David Anderson decided to hand out a £750 ‘energy supplement’ to all 58 of his workers.

David Anderson.
Joseph Parr

Anderson, who manages Joseph Parr, a builder's merchant based in Portrack, has also handed the cash to young apprentices who still live at home to give to their parents.

And his generosity doesn’t end there, as he also dolled out an over-inflation pay rise in January, saying he was spurred on by the news of rising petrol and energy prices across the UK.

The 52-year-old said: "When you talk to individual members of staff, there's fear of fuel going up - they were putting £60 in their tank, and it's now £80."

“We looked at this back in November/December when we were looking at pay rises and thought we need to give people a decent rise this year because of inflation. 


“When you look at how things are, I thought it was a good idea to give them that bit of a boost."

And Anderson isn’t the only boss giving a helping hand to his workers in light of price hikes. 

Alex Vickers, who has run Vickers Construction for almost 30 years, is set to help his 21 employees by giving them a £250 payment towards the cost of living. 

The 72-year-old said: "We can see that things are rising and we're just trying to help them out. It's getting quite serious. 

“There are some single lads and I'm expecting them to pass it on to their mam towards the bills."

Alex Vickers.
Teesside Live

The director said he noticed the impact rocketing bills have had on his home, as well as his business and the people who work for him. 

In particular, the building company, based on Yarm Road in Stockton, has 12 vans so they are feeling the effects of rising fuel costs.

Alex, who lives in Norton, said: "The staff are like one big family, they have been with us a long time. I help them wherever I can. I have picked up (how they are feeling) from listening to them. 

“Of course I feel the same, I have got bills at home as well. It's not a fortune but I think it will help them a little bit."

Featured Image Credit: Teeside Live/Alamy

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