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Punters shocked at how much drink prices are at Glastonbury Festival

Punters shocked at how much drink prices are at Glastonbury Festival

They're charging how much?!

Festival goers have been left shocked at how much a pint of beer costs at Glastonbury.

It's a topic for the ages, an economic weather-vane, and of course the source of eternal complaints.

The price of a pint has always been the subject of grouchy discussion, especially among those of us old enough to remember when a pint cost £2.50, and not in a Wetherspoons either.

It's a lot for a lukewarm beer in a plastic cup.

Rising costs in general have done little to help the situation.

This is only exacerbated even more when there's a trapped market. And the prime example of this is at festivals.

Festivals. Those overpriced, over-hyped, gross weekends in a field getting trollied and sunburnt while watching some distant figure playing music. And that's before you get to the toilets.

Don't see the appeal personally, but each to their own.

While it is possible to smuggle in a cheeky bottle of spirits, whether it's hidden at the bottom of your bag or even in a loaf of bread, getting a 24-pack of lager into a festival campsite is a bit more difficult. And besides, how would you keep it chilled?

So for any fans that fancy a tipple while watching Glastonbury headliners Arctic Monkeys, Elton John and Guns N' Roses, they'll have to splash the cash.

How much?!
Twitter / @TheGlastoThingy

Twitter users were shocked by one bar at Glastonbury charging a whopping £6.80 for a pint of San Miguel.

Now, don't get me wrong, I realise that with the price of beer on the rise in general £6.80 may seem bad but not too bad. Especially in London where it's not unusual to see upwards of £7.

I myself have forked out in excess of £6 for a pint before. But that was in a lovely pub and the beer was absolutely top notch, not a lukewarm lager served in a plastic cup and consumed in a muddy field, assuming you manage not to spill it.

But while some people were not impressed with the high prices, others said they didn't think it was too bad.

One person wrote: "Definitely become London blind bc I’m like … not bad!"

But others were flabbergasted.

One wrote: "Just shy of 7 quid for a San Miguel?!"

Meanwhile, one person was resigned to the high prices despite knowing they were too much.

They replied: "Robbing b*******... can't wait," while another couldn't contain their disbelief, writing: "SIX POUNDS EIGHTY PENCE."

Call me old-fashioned, but I think I'd rather just go to the pub or watch a favourite band at a venue. Mind you, that's not exactly cheap either these days.

Did I mention I'm old enough to remember paying £2.50 for a pint? You could pay for a round with a tenner and get change...

Featured Image Credit: Radharc Images/Alamy Stock Photo/Twitter/@TheGlastoThingy