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Punters shocked as Glastonbury 2024 drink prices increase yet again

Punters shocked as Glastonbury 2024 drink prices increase yet again

Drinks prices at Glastonbury have increased yet again as expected

Glastonbury is all about the music - but we're kidding ourselves if we say that's all we're there for.

A cultural experience spanning art, dance, comedy, theatre, and even the circus, it's a creative melting pot with something for everyone.

But even then, let's put all that aside for two things and two things only. The food and drink.

Keeping topped up at a festival, whether food or booze, is essential to many when it comes to having a fun and fulfilled time, with our taste buds are at the core of everything when it comes to getting the good endorphins flowing.

And gone are the days where a greasy burger van or hot dog stand were the best options available to us.

For Glastonbury 2024, there will be more than 300 food vendors across the massive camp site and stage arenas.

And thanks to unofficial Glasto information website, Glastopedia, there's a very easy way to get the information you need depending on where you are.

It goes so much further than that, too, with you able to search via cuisine, area of the festival site, and dietary filters including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and nut free.

Looks class (Jim Dyson/Getty Images)
Looks class (Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

Short bios also exist for every vendor, with the ability to bookmark them if they tickle your fancy.

Glastopedia took to X (formerly Twitter) in the lead up to the 2024 festival, writing: “Wish you could search through food vendors in the new Glasto app? "Yeah, me too. So I added them all here — filter by location, cuisine, recommendations, and more!

“Major thanks to Whitelighted from the OOF Discord too, for sourcing dietary info, menus, and so much more."

Cuisine-wise there is everything from American and Italian to Caribbean, Mexican, Japanese, Thai, German, British, and Moroccan - a truly global experience, if you fancy it.

To see the full list and to virtually pre-order what you want, head over to

Glastonbury 2024 drink prices

Another thing that those attending Glastonbury are always keen to know is how much alcohol costs at the festival. And rightly so. As we know, it tends to be slightly more expensive than your average night out...

Well, thanks to a certain insider account on X, festival goers need wonder no more.

So for your standard pilsner on tap, you're looking at £6.75, which is up 25p on last year's prices, while a bottle of wine costs around £30 this year compared to last year's £29. So while prices have indeed increased slightly, it's not by a ridiculously inflated amount.

Some, however, are still fuming at the rise in prices. Especially when it comes to water. "£2.50 for a can of water is criminal," one said.

"Drink prices at events these days are ridiculous. They’ve basically doubled in about 4 years. I’m taking multiple coolboxes and frozen water bottles and will buy extra ice on Sunday. Last year only bought 3 drinks and had coldies all festie. No queues either!" another advised.

Another user urged caution alongside a side by side view of the increase of prices, and a reminder that while prices have increased, this is at just one of the many bars available and so that prices may differ from stall to stall.

It tends to be the case that drink prices are slightly more expensive at festivals, just as they are at gigs and most events.

One thing to note is that you can take unlimited amounts of your own booze into Glastonbury, so if you want to avoid the bar prices, just make sure you take enough of your own goods in with you!

A throwback to Glasto 2022 (OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)
A throwback to Glasto 2022 (OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)

Full list of food vendors for Glastonbury 2024

Alpine Pizza Company

Amexica Mexican

Anna Mae's Mac & Cheese

Archie's Toastie Shop

Baked & Toasted

Balls Meatballs & Vegballs

Banana Skin

Barnaby Sykes Pie Maker


BBQ Dept.

BBQ Wraps & Baps

Bhangra Bus Cafe

Biblos Wraps

Big Fat Cow Burger Joint

Big Mouth Gyoza


Bratwurst Catering


Bubble Waffle & Coffee

Bubble Waffle Beach Hut

Buddhafield Cafe


Bunnymans Bunnychow

Burger & Beyond

Burrito & Nachos

Burrito Boys

Burrito Cartel

Cafe Dish

Cafe Kailash

Calamari Canteen

Camper Coffee Co.

Canny Coffees

Cargo House Coffee

Caribbean Delicious

Carne Tacos

Carnival Coffee


Castaway Kitchen Gyros

Ceylon & Beyond

Cheeky Burger

Chicken & Chips

Chilli Kitchen

Chip Off the Block

Chip Shack

Chocolate & Caffeine

Chunky Chips Chicken Strips

Chunky Chips Wicked Dips

Churros & Coffee

Churros Bros

Churros Garcia

Clipper Teas

Club Mexicana

Cluck Farmyard

Coffee & Cake

Coffee & Donuts

Coffee & Grill

Coffee Den

Cornish Pasty Co.

Cornish Pasty Mine

Coyote Moon

Cracking Nuts

Crepe Lucette

Crooked K's Macaroni

Crumble Pots

Curry Bae

Cyprus Kitchen

Deadgood Burrito

Deluxe Diner

Denela's Bakery

Dessert Royalty

Diamond Dogs

Dippy Dogs

Dirty Fries & Chicken

Diver's Diner

Donuts & Cappuccino

Dosa Deli

Eat a Pitta

Eat Greek

Eat Thai

Eat the Farm

Engine Hot Dogs

Event Street Food

Exotic Tagine

Fairtrade Coffee & Donuts


Fat Belly Cafe

Festival Poffertjes

Fine Grind

Fire in the Hole

Fish Finger Heaven

Flaming Cactus

Food Envy

Food Groove

Food in the Belly

Forno Pizza

Fritter Shack

Glade Cafe & Bar

Goan Fish Curries

Good Slice

Good Thai Dins

Gourmet Mac & Cheese

Greek Expectations

Greek Traditional Souvlaki

Green Pepper Red Tomato

Greenpeace Cafe

Groovy Smoothies

Gruff's Cafe

Guasa Arepas

Gully Indian

Habibi's Salad & Wraps

Halls Dorset Smokery

Hand Battered Fish & Chips

Hannah's Toast Box

Hanoi Kitchen

Happy Crepes

Happy Maki

Hare Krishna Tent

Heavenly Sausage

Hedgerow Drinks

Henry's Beard

Hetty's Hen House

Hidden Pizza

Hippy Happy Hoppers

Holy Cow

Home Crumpets


I Love Ostrich

Ice Green

In for a Penne

In the Moo'd Milkshakes

Indonesian Coconut Curry

Italian Food

Jacket & Jill

Japanese Noodle Bar

Jerk Village

Jessica's Coffee

Jiggery Pokery Parlour

Jumping Bean Burrito


Kebab Cartel

Kidzfield Kitchen

King of the Yorky

Kitchen Garden Pizza Co.

KoFu Korean

The Bandstand




La Pizzeria

La Rotisserie

Lalita's Vegan Cafe

Le Cafe Crepe

Lebanese Mezze

Lebanese Street Food

Leon Lewis's Vegetarian Cuisine

Lighthouse Fish & Chips

Little Espresso Co.

Little Marrakesh

Loaded Flatbreads

Loki Poké

Louisiana Smoke House

Love Thai

Lunched Out Lizards Chai Shop

Lungi Babas

Mac & Cheese

Mac Daddy

Mac Shac

Meat & Greet


Mexican Burrito

Mexican Fried Chicken

Mexican Seoul

Milk Masqueraders

Mini Hippy Chippy

Miz Mexican

Moony's Halloumi

Morning Glory

Mr Noodle

My Coffee Co.

Nanny Bills Burgers

Nashville Deli

Nature's Plate

Nelly's Barn

New Mexico Cantina

Nina's Coffee & Waffles

Ninja Chicken

No Frickin Chicken

Noodle City

Notorious P.I.G.

Notso Bao

Notso Katsu

NY Slice

Off the Bone

Off the Grid

Oh Crepe!


On the Green

Once in a Blue Moon

Open Sesame

Otis Breading

Outer Regions Cafe

Pad Thai


Paelleria (Vegan)


Panda Noodle House

Paradise Puddings


Pazzo's Pizza

Peace of Cake

Peace of the East

Permaculture Cafe


Pietanic (Vegan)

Pimp My Fries

Pizza & Puppets

Pizza Love

Pizza Yeah Yeah

PK Spices

Poke Nom

Potato Wedges & Breakfast

Proper Coffee

Pudding Wagon

Pura Vida

Rad Burger

Ragmarsh Farm Burgers

Real Meat Sausage Co.


Rocket Dogs

Rollin' Dogs

Rosto Steak Sandwich

Sam's Pies

Santa Fe Mexican

Say Cheese

Secret Paradise Cafe

Senor Churro


Shepherd's Ice Cream

Simply Toasties


Slice One


Souvlaki Street

Spaghetti Sisters

Spiral Spuds

Splitscreen Ice Cream Company

Squid Inc.


Steak It Easy


Street Nuggs

Strummerville Café

Taco Kitchen

Taiga Mexican

Taste Tibet

Tasty Fresh Donuts

Tasty Ragga

Tea & Toast

Teatime Collective

Teriyaki Shack

Thai Banana Leaf Catering

Thai Mania


That’s Nacho Burrito!

The Allotment

The Beloved's Arms

The Big Eats Co.

The Burger Kitchen

The Cabin Tacos

The Campsite Cafe

The Chai Shop Organic

The Cheese Toastie

The Cheese Truck

The Chip Wreck

The Cow & Sow

The Crepebox

The Duck Truck

The Fed Up Vegan Food Co.

The Fruit Cup

The Fruit Salad Bar

The Gravy Train Poutine

The Great Stone Baker

The Hippy Chippy

The Jabberwocky

The Jerk Yard

The Kitchen

The Little Donut Box

The Lush Creperie

The Ogle Shield

The Peckish Peacock

The Raviollie Stall

The Real Banger Co.

The Rickshaw Club

The Roaming Rotisserie

The Tea Stop

The Wandering Cactus

Tibetan Kitchen

Tiny Tea Tent

Tipsy Texan Smoke Truck


Tokyo Kitchen

Tommy's Pizzeria

Tor Rugby Club Fajitas

Truly Crumptious

Urban Indian

Vegan & Vegetarian

Vegan House

Veggie Planet



Village Cafe

Vintage Coffee Trailer

Viva la Vegan

Voodoo Chicken

Westlands BBQ

What's Your Beef

Whole Cheese

Wholefood Heaven's Buddha Bowls

Woks Happening

Woks Up

Wood-fired Pizza

Worthy Farm Toasties

Wrap It

Wrap Up

Wrappers Delight

Yorky Puddings & Hog Roast

You're My Lobster

Yum Yums Sweeties


Featured Image Credit: NurPhoto/Getty Matt Cardy/Getty

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