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Google Maps appears to show the moment the Street View car hits motorcyclist

Google Maps appears to show the moment the Street View car hits motorcyclist

The horrific moment was captured by the Google car and uploaded to Google Maps.

Google Street View can be a veritable treasure trove of random and (usually) lighthearted fun as people troll the car with silly poses or are caught out doing something a bit dodgy.

But this time the tables have turned.

It looks like the Street View car has been involved in a bit of an incident as a cache of photos have been shared on Reddit documenting what appears to be a hit-and-run traffic crash.

And, to top it all off, the accident is now documented on Google Maps itself with blow-by-blow snaps of the crash live online.

The incriminating snaps show a person on a motorcycle performing a U-turn.

The person is then knocked off his bike by the Google Street View car.

While the Redditor who posted the snaps to the social media platform did not share the coordinates of the images, another said they recognised the location to be Youpe Amadi in Senegal, Africa.

One Redditor said: "Imagine Google Street View being used as evidence."

Another commented: "How the f**k does this make it on Google? They’re not uploading in real time lmao are they? I’d think he’d go back and drive past the area without the crash for there to be a clean version to upload? Or at least blurred this out, but maybe it just slipped through the cracks."

Google Maps

While a third chipped in with : "Going up to your boss and saying 'Hey I just hit a guy so we should probably go back and retake pictures of this area' could result in a loss of job. My guess is the driver never reported this and there's no human actually looking at all of the pictures they take for Street View."


Google cars have caught road incidents in the past, but this seems to be the first time a Street View car has been directly involved directly in a collision with another road user.

In 2020, a Google car spotted a brutal crash over in Tlaquepaque, Mexico.

The snap shows the moment a motorcycle and a pickup truck collide, causing one of the bike riders to go soaring into the air and another to hit the windshield.

Google Street View has also caught some funnier shenanigans over the years.

For example, as per the Indy100, a couple was recently caught getting frisky by the side of highway Down Under.

In the rather saucy shots, the woman can be seen smiling at the Google car as the man takes a swig from his beer as they root away on the boot of their car.

Other funny instances involving men falling down the stairs, naked couples on 'hikes', awkward wardrobe malfunctions... you name it, Google's 360-degree camera has seen it all.

LADbible has reached out to Google Maps for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Google Maps

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