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Gordon Ramsay warns diners there's one thing you should never order at a restaurant

Gordon Ramsay warns diners there's one thing you should never order at a restaurant

The famous chef has one big piece of advice for people wondering what dish to devour

Gordon Ramsay has been serving up a portion of advice to diners about what dish they should always avoid when out at a restaurant.

The celebrity chef has made quite the career from investigating failing restaurants and uncovering all of their secrets and flaws.

In that time he's seen pretty much every dish under the sun from bouillabaisse to blancmange and quiche to quinoa.

He's also spent some time roasting some of the more outlandish attempts to cook popular dishes, although a few of his creations have also been on the receiving end of criticism for the way they look.

Fortunately that means he's developed quite a sense for the one thing which you can get from pretty much every restaurant that you should steer clear of.

We're not talking the stuff of Kitchen Nightmares like a colony of rats infesting the pantry or the vegetable supply being more mould than food, this is something you're much more likely to encounter in a regular restaurant.

Gordon Ramsay has got some advice for you if you're heading out for a bite to eat.
BBC/Studio Ramsay

Ramsay was chatting to the Daily Mail about his three golden rules for eating in a restaurant, telling diners they ought to be wary of any place which threw around 'suspicious boasts' about the quality of their food.

Buzzwords like 'famous' or 'best in the country' without any further evidence to back them up set the chef's alarm bells ringing as it always made him wonder: "Who said that? Who named that?"

The chef also had a special trick to getting the best bottles of wine for a bargain price, saying you should ask for the 'bin end' list which is comprised of bottles with scratched labels or vintages which haven't sold well.

He suggested that you ask for a bottle of whatever is recommended for no more than $30 (£24), as apparently that can be a secret way of getting an under appreciated tipple to your table without costing too much.

However, Ramsay's top tip was all about the one dish you shouldn't pick when the waiter comes up and asks you to place your order.

If you're wanting to order off the specials menu Gordon Ramsay reckons you should check how 'special' they really are.
Andrea Matone / Alamy Stock Photo

It turns out that the dish in question is pretty much anything off the specials board, particularly if it looks like there's a lot of options on there.

He said: "Specials are there to disappear throughout the evening. When they list 10 specials that's not special."

This isn't the first time Ramsay has warned diners over deciding on the special dishes at a restaurant, as he's got a particular beef with some of the places doing soup of the day.

The chef previously said that if you wanted to go for the soup you should ask the server what they were ladling out yesterday, and if it was the same then you might be in a soup of the week or month type situation.

He actually has one more piece of advice for you if you're eating out for a romantic evening, as he recommends that you actually book a three person table as this reduces your chances of 'getting stuck in the corner like a doorstop'.

Featured Image Credit: Spencer Matthews Big Fish Podcast / Andrea Matone / Alamy Stock Photo

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