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Grandma is absolutely horrified after being taken to Karen’s Diner and gives staff a piece of her mind

Grandma is absolutely horrified after being taken to Karen’s Diner and gives staff a piece of her mind

The 79-year-old nanna had no idea what she was in for and couldn't believe it when the staff spoke to her.

A grandmother got far more than she bargained for when she went out for lunch with her daughter to Karen's Diner.

The chain of diners, which has become an online sensation, prides itself on having rude staff with non-existent manners, courtesy, or table service.

So, Jo Billington thought it would be a right laugh if she took her mum, Barbara, along with her.

Of course, Jo 'forgot' to tell her mum of the concept behind the whole she-bang.

It took mere seconds for the 79-year-old nan's face to twist into a permanent state of shock after walking into the rude eatery.

Shortly after entering Karen's, the mum-and-daughter duo was greeted by a rather disgruntled waitress.

The staff member asked Barbara in the now-viral video: "Oh, here we go. What do you want grandma?"

The video, which has now been watched over 22 million times, captured Barbara's mortified reaction.

Jo Billington/Jo Billington

"Well I’d like you to speak nicely," Barbara replied.

The grandmother was then rather unpolitely informed that if she wants manners, then she's 'in the wrong f**king place for that'.

A stunned Barb can be heard exclaiming 'bloody hell, who booked this', before she added: "Where the hell have you brought me?”

The Karen's waitress was having precisely none of Barb's complaints, though.

As they were sulkily shown to their table, the waitress turned to the 79-year-old and added: "Grandma, if you cry, do it in the toilets because no one gives a s**t."


The Manchester gran scolded the woman back as she sat down, as her daughter can be heard cackling with laughter at her mum's reaction.

The response from the waitress was swift and simple: "Shut the f**k up." Savage.

Barb was unimpressed at first.
Jo Billington/Contentbible.

As soon as the pair plonked themselves down in their chairs, Barb had a hat jammed onto her head with 'I remember the dinosaurs' emblazoned across the front.

The Prestwich grandmother learned pretty fast to fire right back at staff, with her daughter later revealing that Barb ended up having a grand time.

The infamous diner known for purposely insulting their customers has landed in hot water recently after a few of their waiters took the playful ribbing a little too far.

A spokesperson for the restaurant told that outlet they were 'disappointed' to hear about the poor dining experience.

They also disclosed they would be putting proper training protocols in place to ensure ‘nothing like this happens again'.

Featured Image Credit: Joanne Billington-Game/Contentbible.

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