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What Is Grant Shapps' Net Worth In 2022?

What Is Grant Shapps' Net Worth In 2022?

Grant Shapps is running to be prime minister, but what is his net worth?

Grant Shapps is a British politician who has been serving as Secretary of State for Transport since 2019, and has recently become one of 10 Conservative MPs who have launched a bid to be the next leader of the party, and therefore prime minister

Following Cameron’s appointment as PM in 2010, Shapps was appointed Minister of State for Housing and Local government.

In the 2012 Cabinet reshuffle he was promoted to the Cabinet as Chairman of the Conservative Party.

In 2015 Shapps was forced to resign from this role, following the tragic death of a Tory pressure group blogger, Elliot Johnson.

Johnson claimed he was being bullied by a politician, and that Shapps had done nothing to stop this harassment.

More recently, Shapps has been a part of Boris Johnson’s cabinet as Transport secretary, a role which has seen him effectively nationalise the Northern Train franchise.

After years of holding important roles in government, what is Grant Shapps’ net worth in 2022?

Grant Shapps Net Worth 2022:

According to allfamousbirthday, Grant Shapps has an impressive net worth of $1.5 million, which sees him ranked as one of the richest British politicians.

Even back in 2015 Shapps was boasting of his riches, he said in one article that ‘I’m so rich my car even has a fridge in it’.

In the past week, the politician has launched his Conservative Party leadership bid and has swiped at his political rivals in the process, stating they were disloyal to Boris Johnson, who has recently resigned as Prime Minister.

The 53 year-old, who is MP for Welwyn Hatfield, recently said: “I have not spent the last few turbulent years plotting or briefing against the prime minister."

"I have not been mobilising a leadership campaign behind his back”

Mr Shapps said his main aim was to rebuild the economy so it was the biggest in Europe by 2050 and tackle the country’s cost of living crisis.

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