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Great Northern has been crowned as Australia's favourite beer in 2022

Great Northern has been crowned as Australia's favourite beer in 2022

However, some punters weren't too pleased.

Move over Carlton Dry, because Great Northern has officially been crowned Australia’s favourite beer this year.

According to data compiled by IRI Australia, the Queensland brew has been crowned number one on a top 10 list of best beers.

Great Northern just clipped Carlton Dry and XXXX Gold, which came in second and third place, respectively.

Coopers was placed fourth on the poll, while Victorian Bitter came in fifth place.

Corona, Tooheys, Asahi, Hahn and Pure Blonde also made it to the top 10 list.

However, many took to Facebook to weigh in on the poll, and reactions were divisive, to say the least.

One user wrote: “Looks like a list of varying degrees of potable urine. Onya Straya.”

Another said: “What about James Boag Or Cascade, lovely drop, the best!!!”

A third chimed in: “Glad to have contributed to Great Northern.”

However, some were quick to note that some brands of beer were foreign owned.

One user wrote: “Only one of those beer companies are Australian owned. How un Australian! Good ol Coopers. The only good beer on that list!!!!”

Another commented: “Only one Australian-owned brand there."

The truly Aussie beer included on the list was Coopers, which is still independent and Australian-owned.

Zack Schwartz / Alamy Stock Photo

Asahi, Carlton Dry, Great Northern and Victoria Bitter, are made by Carlton and United Breweries, which is owned by Japanese conglomerate Asahi Breweries.

Corona is made by the Mexican brewery Cervecería Modelo and owned by Belgian company AB InBev.

Whereas Hahn, Tooheys and Pure Blonde are part of Lion, which was acquired by the Japanese Kirin Company in 2009.

It’s ok, uncle Trev; you can still enjoy a crisp Coopers out on the porch during your hot girl summer.

While Great Northern unexpectedly took out the number one spot, beer reviewer Matt Kirkegaard said the brew’s slick marketing is responsible.

Kirkegaard told The Daily Telegraph that the mid-strength beer is advertised as ‘less blokey’ than other Aussie beers, which helps make it more appealing to a much broader demographic.

“VB used to be one in four beers sold in Australia. It was built on being so blokey but the market shifted,” he said.

Well, in the words of the great Bob Dylan 'the times they are a-changing'.

Featured Image Credit: Great Northern. Jon Davison / Alamy Stock Photo

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