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Greggs Fans Outraged After Bakery Chain Ups The Price Of Sausage Rolls

Greggs Fans Outraged After Bakery Chain Ups The Price Of Sausage Rolls

Greggs fans are outraged after it was announced that the bakery would be increasing the price of its sausage rolls

Greggs fans are up in arms after the bakery chain announced it would be increasing the price of its famous sausage rolls.

In fact, the entire menu is set to go up between five and 10 percent.

Although, there's no doubt that the sausage rolls are Greggs' best selling and most popular item.

Both the vegan and regular option are set to undergo a price increase of 5p, reports The Mirror.


This means that the sausage roll will go from £1 to £1.05.

One fan tweeted: "Greggs sausage rolls going up by 5p is shameful.

"I’m boycotting, well, at least until Friday."

Another wrote: "Not forgetting the national tragedy of Greggs’ sausage rolls going up by 5p."

A third simply added: "I hate life."

"Now what do you mean they changed the price of the vegan sausage rolls at Greggs?" someone tweeted.

"I can’t afford that extra 5p, Boris."


A Greggs spokesperson told Bloomberg that the price rises will affect all of their bakery chains.

They said: "Ingredients and labour costs have been rising and Greggs is not immune from that. 

"The company does absorb some of the cost but has put up prices by about 5-10 pence across the range."

It's not all bad news though as last year, Greggs announced its plans to open a number of new drive-thrus in the UK.

A Greggs spokesperson told LADbible: "Greggs drive-thrus conveniently provide our customers with all their usual Greggs favourites on-the-go.

"We are actively pursuing new drive-thru sites nationwide to support our shop estate's growth plans in the coming years."


Fans were made aware of the plans when Greggs put out a cryptic tweet that showed a picture of one of their existing drive-thru lanes.

They captioned the snap: "Sorry I'm late, the traffic was crazy..."

That was all that was needed to send fans of the chain into hyperdrive.

One person commented: "I'll have 16 steak bakes, 16 corned beef pasties and a bottle of oasis."

Another wrote: "Where is this I'll move heaven and earth for a drive thru that's nearby?"

Greggs has so far opened 12 drive thrus in the UK, including its first drive thru in Wales, which opened this week.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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