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Greggs Plans To Open A Number Of New Drive-Thru Shops

Greggs Plans To Open A Number Of New Drive-Thru Shops

Greggs is branching out, and this time you might be able to bring your car along

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Greggs has announced that they're opening up a number of drive-thru bakeries around the UK, and - predictably enough - their customers are absolutely made up about it.

There are currently nine Greggs drive-thru locations knocking about, with the first opening up in 2017, but this latest announcement that more are on the way is of great interest to fans of vegan sausage rolls and steak bakes alike.

In the coming weeks, Greggs will open drive thrus in Dalkeith on Eskbank Rd, Glasgow in the Great Western Retail Park, and Slough near the Westgate retail park.

More drive thrus are planned to open in 2022.

A Greggs spokesperson told LADbible: "Greggs drive-thrus conveniently provide our customers with all their usual Greggs favourites on-the-go.

"We are actively pursuing new drive-thru sites nationwide to support our shop estate's growth plans in the coming years."


Fans were made aware of the plans when Greggs put out a cryptic tweet that showed a picture of one of their existing drive-thru lanes.

They captioned the snap: "Sorry I'm late, the traffic was crazy..."

That was all that was needed to send fans of the chain into hyperdrive.

One person commented: "I'll have 16 steak bakes, 16 corned beef pasties and a bottle of oasis."

Another wrote: "Where is this I'll move heaven and earth for a drive thru that's nearby?"

A third said: "If you could have these in London I'd have to marry you."

Nobody needs to drive in London, come on.

According to the Irish Times, Greggs has long-term ambitions of opening between eight and 10 drive-thru locations every year, as they look to branch out and rebuild after a tough couple of years for everyone.

Their chief executive Roger Whiteside said: "We are actively pursuing every drive thru we can find, but so is everybody else so they're very competitive to get a hold of."


This comes just months after they announced plans for 100 new stores by the end of the year, a move which will create around 500 new jobs.

That's after a difficult start to the year from a financial perspective.

At the time, Whiteside said: "Greggs once again showed its resilience in a challenging first half, emerging from the lockdown months in a strong position and rebuilding sales as social restrictions were progressively relaxed.

"Whilst there continue to be general uncertainties in the market, given our recent performance we now expect full-year profit to be slightly ahead of our previous expectation."

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