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Man 'accidentally gets vasectomy' after going in to hospital for gallbladder surgery

Man 'accidentally gets vasectomy' after going in to hospital for gallbladder surgery

Jorge Base says he's had his hopes of having a daughter dashed

This bloke has taken getting more than you bargain for to new heights after allegedly coming out of a gallbladder surgery with a vasectomy instead.

Furious Jorge Base, 41, claimed medics at the Florencio Diaz Hospital in Cordoba, Argentina, made a monumental mix-up when he was expecting to undergo the operation on his abdomen.

The father-of-two explained he had arrived at the state-run health facility last Wednesday (28 February) to get rid of his gallbladder, a common procedure which is also referred to as cholecystectomy.

Humans can live without the small, pouch-like organ which stores bile, so they are often removed under general anaesthetic when people experience painful gallstones, according to the NHS.

However, Jorge's scheduled surgery was initially in the diary for last Tuesday (27 February) before it was bumped to the next day at the last minute.

Jorge Base was left distraught after finding out he would never become a dad again.

This is believed to have been a cause of confusion for doctors, as the patient's lawyer Diego Larrey explained that the hospital usually do gall bladder ops on Tuesdays and vasectomies on Wednesdays.

Larrey told local media his client appeared to have 'ended up in the list of people in for vasectomies by mistake'.

Jorge claims he 'wasn't asked anything' upon his arrival at the medical facility when he arrived at 9am last Wednesday, but was changed into a gown and taken down to the operating theatre.

According to the devastated dad, a nurse then later informed him that surgeons had mistakenly removed his ability to father a child rather than his gallbladder, as a vasectomy is a form of male birth control which stops the supply of sperm.

Jorge said that the botched operation has dashed his dreams of becoming a father for the third time and welcoming a little girl into the family with his long-term partner to join their two 'grown up' sons.

He said: "They just said I should consider artificial insemination to have another child. I am angry and helpless.

"There is no return to what they have already done. I've got uncountable questions in my head. It is inexplicable to me how such negligence and such a big mistake are possible."

The Florencio Diaz Hospital mistakenly gave the man a vasectomy instead of removing his gallbladder.
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Jorge, who later underwent the gallbladder operation on the same day, claims that doctors at the hospital informed him the chances of reversing the vasectomy are slim, as it is widely considered permanent and difficult to undo.

Discussing the mishap, the distraught dad said: "I haven't got the intention to blame anyone. I'm not pointing the finger and I'm not trying to seek out the culprits.

"All I want do is try to find a solution while they focus on telling me not to make a drama and get over it. No one has taken responsibility.

"Instead, they explained to me that because of my age and the size of the duct, it no longer makes sense. It's very strange because the gallbladder issue had been clearly indicated throughout my folder.

"All they had to do was read it."

An error in administrational procedures regarding the order of surgeries in the clinic's different operating theatres has been assumed to have caused the error.

The Federal Health Ministry has opened an investigation into the hospital's blunder.

LADbible has contacted the Argentinian Ministry of Health for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: CEN/Google Maps

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