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Dentist shows red spots which form in blind spot when you vape

Dentist shows red spots which form in blind spot when you vape

You can't hide anything from your dentist

Honestly, don’t bother lying to your dentist about smoking electronic cigarettes because the inside of your mouth will expose all your fibs.

As per a report by Action on Smoking and Health, around 4.7 million residents in Great Britain vape on the regular.

Of course, headlines about the dangers of vaping have been popping up all over the shop.

A dentist has revealed what happens to the roof of your mouth when you vape.

It was revealed that hospital admissions related to children vaping have quadrupled in a year, and headlines about the dangers have been popping up all over the shop.

On average, Gen Z is spending an average of £225 per month on the fruity things, and the UK government has recently announced they’re stepping in to crack down on the epidemic.

As well as posing risks to your health, puffing on these pastel sticks can actually impact how your teeth look.

Yep, a dentist has revealed that there are some telltale oral signs that vapers routinely exhibit.

So, if you’ve told your surgeon that you don’t smoke, then a quick inspection will expose your porkies.

A TikTok phenomenon, who goes by the name Dentist Explains, has stated that vaping could cause the roof of your mouth to pale.

The social media star has also revealed that little red spots are bound to appear.

When listing off the common ways that dentists can tell if their client vapes, the content creator said: “Let’s not forget the roof of your mouth is going to go pale and have red dots all over it.”

According to Derm Net, Dentist Explains is highlighting an inflammation known as nicotine stomatitis.

The latter also goes by the moniker ‘smoker’s palate’ and is a long-term reaction caused by extreme heat to the roof of the mouth.

The site claims that the only way to treat nicotine stomatitis is to actually quit cold turkey.

After one to two weeks of abstaining, you should start seeing results.

According to Dr. Kurt Ashack, a dermatology resident with the University of Illinois at Chicago, vaping can impact the mouth in more ways.

He wrote in a 2020 report: “E-cigarettes decrease the immune response in the mouth, which can lead to an overgrowth of bacteria and yeast.”

According to Dr Ashack, smokers have also been known to develop a condition known as oral lichenoid reaction.

The latter sees lacy white patches developing on the gums, tongue or insides of the cheeks.

The practitioner also found that oral thrush can develop in vapers, caused by an overgrowth of Candida yeast in the mouth.

Those who puff on e-cigarettes may also suffer from dry mouth and may even find that their gums are receding.

Dentist Explains also added that surgeons know you are into vaping by the discolouration of your teeth, and how swollen those receding gums are.

So, if you are addicted to your little sticks, you may want to come clean to your dentist next time you’re in the chair.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Photo/TikTok/@dentistexplains

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