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Vapes injected with liquid in video showing how they're really made

Callum Jones

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As a substitute for smoking cigarettes, vaping has become increasing popular in the UK over recent years.

But there's a lot of controversy surrounding disposable vape pens, as well as vaping in general at the moment.

Initially, they were introduced for those hoping to quit smoking as a healthier option.

As it stands, the NHS is still recommending e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation method, but there are growing concerns about whether it’s actually doing any damage or not.


Flavours such as 'pineapple', 'strawberry' and 'blueberry ice' have been introduced, all of which comes packaged in a colourful vape pen.

As a result, many children have become attracted to vape pens, with some criticising the way vapes are marketed as inviting to minors.

Do you know how vapes are made? Credit: @HQDVape/YouTube
Do you know how vapes are made? Credit: @HQDVape/YouTube

This has led to some countries banning vapes altogether, and there are growing calls for more to be done in the UK about the matter.


Well, a video showing how vapes are injected with liquid is doing the rounds on social media, showing how they are really made.

That's the thing, many millions have smoked these vapes pen, but they often don't know how they are made.

Perhaps this video may put some off for good.

In a video uploaded by Hi Benson, the team can be inserting the liquid into a plastic holder using some type of syringe.


A yellow liquid - possibly a pineapple flavour - is added to the vape, which is a Bloody Mary in this case.

The video also documents vape pens being loaded with liquid using a rather fancier machine compared to the Bloody Mary, before it was packaged ready for sale.

The video shows the vapes being injected with liquid. Credit: @HQDVape/YouTube
The video shows the vapes being injected with liquid. Credit: @HQDVape/YouTube

In the video, we see the computer aided design of the vape label and packaging, before the wiring gets done in bulk, and the electrical testing is performed.

Then, a production line is seen assembling the products and getting them into their casings, before someone applies the mouthpiece to the top.

The mouthpiece part is the one that particularly scared off a lot of smokers, with the person applying the mouthpiece not wearing any gloves.

Underneath the video, one shocked person said: "You are telling me that they are touching the tips of the vape without any glove on??


“Didn't they know that their hands release grease constantly soo imagine while working?

“Bruuuh i would not buy these lol I ain't looking to have a stranger finger print on my vape tips when i buy it.”

Topics: Health, Vaping, Social Media

Callum Jones
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