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Man who survived heart attack captured the exact moment it took over his body

Man who survived heart attack captured the exact moment it took over his body

He'd been experiencing 'strange' symptoms in the days leading up to it

The internet has been left in shock after a man uploaded a terrifying video of himself having a heart attack.

Alain Bruno uploaded the footage of the medical emergency to YouTube in 2015, after deciding to film himself following experiencing a number of 'strange' symptoms for days.

Starting the footage as he began to feel uncomfortable while in the bath, he never expected to find himself doubled over in pain as he experienced a heart attack live on camera.

He said it was the 'scariest thing that ever happened to me', which isn't really surprising.

He explained in the video's caption: "Today while practising for a new video, those symptoms proved to be a heart attack.

"I was in pain and I panicked. I thought I was dying.

"Luckily my roommate came home early and immediately called 911.

"I am OK now but I have to be careful for the rest of my life because heart disease runs in my family. Stay safe!"

Alain Bruno was in agony when he experienced symptoms of a heart attack.
YouTube / Alain Bruno

In the shocking footage, which has been viewed more than five million times, Alain can be seen looking uncomfortable as he washes himself in the bath, then he addresses his audience.

However, before he can even get more than a few words out, he stops and says, 'what the f**k,' before putting a hand on his chest.

At this point, it's pretty obvious that he's in severe pain, which eventually worsens to the point where he doubles over in agony, clutching onto his chest.

People were quick to weigh in on what they had just watched in the comments section.

One viewer said everyone could learn from Alain's experience, remarking: "This is a perfect example of why you should never be afraid to call 911 when you are experiencing feelings that don’t feel right.

"This poor guy could have been 60 seconds away from dying."

People should always call for the emergency services if they experience symptoms of a heart attack.

"He's so young and fit. Terrifying that this could happen at any moment to anyone," added a second, while a third wrote: "The worst part is... Is that if he were to have passed out from the pain, he probably would have drowned."

A fourth praised: "Thank you for posting this scary but informative experience.

"They always tell you the symptoms to watch out for but it really helps to see it actually happening and what it really looks like."

According to the NHS, common heart attack symptoms include chest pain, shortness of breath, feeling lightheaded or dizzy, nausea, an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and sweating.

If you believe you may be having a heart attack, call an ambulance immediately.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Alain Bruno

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