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Blokes are only just realising you’re not meant to wash your hair every day

Blokes are only just realising you’re not meant to wash your hair every day

How often should you wash your hair, fellas?

Some men are only just learning the lesson that they don't need to wash their hair every single day.

There's essentially an eternal debate going on over how much your hair ought to be washed, and whether you should be using shampoo.

There are blokes who fear that not washing every day makes their hair look 'like the inside of a FiveGuys bag', while others have claimed that they can go years without washing and still be blessed with luscious locks.

Maybe it'd just be easier to go bald and be done with it all.

New York hairdresser Julien Farel said that washing your hair every day would strip your scalp of natural oils and lead to 'dry, brittle hair' which would be utterly reliant on products to stay nice.

Ya gotta wash that hair, but how often?
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He argued that without enough washing the hair would end up a 'disgusting mess', so unless you've got an oily scalp which necessitates everyday washing, it seems a balance ought to be struck.

In most cases men won't need to wash their hair every day and should leave it to a wash about every three days.

However, other schools of thought are available when it comes to the matter of running some shampoo and hot water through matted locks of hair.

One bloke claimed his hair stopped falling out and his creeping baldness was halted after he stopped washing it.

Pretty much every man has nightmares about the moment that he looks at his hairline in the mirror and realises that parts of it are starting to thin out, and from there it's usually a losing battle.

The lines of battle have been drawn and will only recede until the bloke either chooses the nuclear option and shaves it all away or is able to turn the retreat into a heroic stalemate with a widow's peak or hair island standing as a brave bastion against hair loss.

Smile all you want pal, that hairline will abandon you in the end.
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When Nick Coetzee ditched the products his hair went through about three weeks of hell before coming out the other side, and he's not the only one who thinks men should be prepared to ditch the product.

Another fella went seven years with no shampoo and loved the results, saying that without it the scalp's natural oils were able to do their thing instead of being washed away.

Some have taken this to a more extreme place, arguing that men shouldn't just ditch the shampoo but drop washing their hair altogether.

Professor Sally Bloomfield of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine suggested people didn't need to wash at all if they weren't so conscious about the social perils of being stinky.

Maybe we're all in the pocket of big shampoo without realising it.

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