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Warning issued over Night Nurse alcohol levels as ‘brutal’ cold sweeps UK

Warning issued over Night Nurse alcohol levels as ‘brutal’ cold sweeps UK

As cold and flu season kicks off, you might be reaching for the medicine to help you sleep

We all have our go-tos when we’re feeling under the weather.

Maybe you simply battle through a cold by staying in bed and binging Netflix.

Or maybe you just rely on good old Night Nurse to get you feeling better.

Brits have been reporting suffering from an absolutely ‘brutal’ cold sweeping the UK.

Saying they’ve been left ‘bedbound’ for weeks, this nasty virus reportedly has people experiencing grim symptoms such as fevers, headaches, blocked noses, coughs and extreme fatigue.

And perhaps you’re already reaching for a remedy just reading that.

But while you might trust a spoonful of Night Nurse Liquid to relieve those awful symptoms and help get in a decent night’s sleep, there’s an important factor to be aware of.

Night Nurse is specifically made for night-time cold and flu treatment but you really shouldn’t be taking too much of it.

One of the ingredients of the trusty liquid is straight up ethanol (alcohol).

And while it’s obviously not filled with the stuff, the content may surprise you.

Brits say the 'brutal' cold has left them ‘bedbound’.
Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

According to the information leaflet for the medicine, Night Nurse contains 18 percent v/v alcohol, i.e. up to 2.9g per dose.

That’s the equivalent to 72ml beer or 30ml wine per dose of the liquid.

So, it’s of course warned that if you are taking it, you must not drink alcohol also. Plus, if you suffer from alcoholism, Night Nurse may be harmful for you.

The leaflet also outlines: “This should also be considered if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, in children and high-risk groups such as patients with liver disease or epilepsy.”

I mean, it goes without saying that you should only take Night Nurse if you need it and if you’ve checked that it’s safe for you to use.

The NHS has some advice on how to tackle a cold.
Pexels/Gustavo Fring

For those suffering from this ‘brutal’ cold going round at the moment, the NHS has some advice.

If you find yourself unlucky enough to get a cold, the health service recommend getting plenty of rest and sleep.

It’s important to drink plenty of water (fruit juice or squashed mixed in with it still counts) to combat dehydration.

Plus, for adults with a sore throat, gargling salt water will help.

It adds: “If you have a high temperature or you do not feel well enough to do your normal activities, try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people until you feel better.”

The NHS also suggests speaking to a pharmacist about cold and flu medicines, including decongestants and painkillers like paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Featured Image Credit: mariwriter/twitter/Getty stock image

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