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Doctor warns against very awkward side effects from taking part in No Nut November

Doctor warns against very awkward side effects from taking part in No Nut November

You should probably avoid No Nut November if you don't want this side effect to happen

A doctor has yet again warned that No Nut November comes with a series of rather embarrassing side effects which you may experience.

If you've ever spent enough time on the internet to have at least one instance of deep regret at what you've seen then you've probably heard of No Nut November.

The premise is simple, men commit to making it through the gloomy month of November without ejaculating.

Some guys credit not blowing their beans on a regular basis with improving their mental health, giving them a boost in confidence and generally making them feel better, though the health benefits are disputed by people with actual medical degrees.

While the term first appeared in Urban Dictionary in 2011 it didn't really gain traction until about 2017 when Reddit's 'NoFap' community really adopted it.

This bloke is clutching his bedsheets quite tightly, why do you think he's doing that?
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No Nut November started out as a mainly anti-masturbation platform but eventually expanded to cover all sexual activity, though since this thing is being driven by Redditors it's questionable how much other sexual activity besides masturbation is actually being put on hold this month.

While it could be argued that there's something admirable about spending a whole month resisting the temptation of pleasure, a doctor keeps warning people that doing No Nut November can have some side effects.

"Brothers, we must stay strong against... actually why are we doing this? We're just missing out on a good time."
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Dr Karan Raj has warned No Nut November devotees that their 'gooey cannon' is likely to go off whether they want it to or not.

The doc explained that guys giving abstinence a go this November could expect the side effect of 'more wet dreams', which would seem to defeat the point of the challenge.

"Wet dreams, or 'nocturnal emissions', aren't always about sexual arousal," he explained about the side effect which could render No Nut November moot.

"Nocturnal emissions are a way for the body to clear out old sperm.

"Your sperm has an expiration date so if you haven't fired your gooey cannon in a while your body gets rid of the old stuff while you sleep so the sperm on tap stays fresh.

"You're a sperm recycling factory, any sperm that reach their sell-by date or aren't used up get broken down and reabsorbed by your body.

"This is especially important for men that have had vasectomies, their tubes cut, because they still produce sperm. If your body didn't reabsorb unused sperm your dingleberries would swell up."

The doc also explained that by not emptying out the gonads every now and then 'you might be missing out on good quality sleep', as once a man has blown his load it leads to a rise in the level of the hormone prolactin which 'promotes rapid eye movement sleep'.

There you have it, if you're trying to do No Nut November then your streak risks being broken by wet dreams and you're just costing yourself deep sleep anyway.

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