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Medical expert warns against taking part in ‘no nut November’

Medical expert warns against taking part in ‘no nut November’

Expert advice will make you think twice about participating

As you may - or may not - be aware 2023's instalment of No Nut November kicked off yesterday.

But, those thinking of taking part might want to heed one medical expert's warning before they abstain from ejaculating for the next month.

During No Nut November, participants refrain from masturbating or having sex, although who knows if they'd be getting any anyway?

Apparently, it's is supposed to teach some sort of lesson in self control, as well as providing a boost to overall wellbeing and mental clarity.

However, the idea that it's going to bring health benefits is pretty ropey as a medical expert has explained that it might not do you much good.

Urologist Dr Rena Malik explained that the health benefits of No Nut November were minimal and it could be pretty painful.
YouTube/Rena Malik, M.D.

Dr Rena Malik took to her YouTube channel to explain that not ejaculating could help boost your fertility when you finally do have sex, but overall there wasn't much of a reason to do it, especially not for 30 days.

She explained that while there wasn't really huge health penalties to participating in No Nut November, it didn't really help much either as you'll miss out on the benefits of masturbation.

Dr Malik said: "There's a number of benefits to masturbation including better sleep, decreased heart rate, decreased stress and a lot of increase in feel good hormones."

"People can get a lot of pain and discomfort in their pelvic floor, or their testicles. A lot of you guys have heard of 'blue balls.'"

So overall you might just want to steer clear of No Nut November altogether.

2023's instalment of No Nut November kicked off yesterday.
Getty Stock Image/relativitymedia

Other health experts have also previously weighed in on the potential side effects of No Nut November, and they aren't in favour of it either.

Dr Karan Rajan explained that while you might want to spend a month without masturbating, your body is still producing sperm and needs a way to get rid of it from time to time.

He said that your body would find a way to get rid of excess sperm 'if you haven't fired your gooey cannon in a while', likely meaning you'd probably be in for a few wet dreams.

Apparently the rules of No Nut November are that you get one wet dream, so you might fail the challenge simply by attempting it in the first place.

Whatever your body can't expel it will break down and reabsorb, otherwise 'your dingleberries would swell up,' as Dr Rajan charmingly puts it.

Anyway, if No Nut November is that great, why does everyone celebrate so hard when it's over? Surely the best thing to do is listen to your body's needs and have a damn good time doing it?

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Image/relativitymedia

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