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Doctor claims oral sex is a bigger risk factor than smoking for throat cancer

Doctor claims oral sex is a bigger risk factor than smoking for throat cancer

Pleasuring your partner in the bedroom could cost you your health, according to this doctor.

Pleasuring your partner could have a big impact on your health, according to this doctor.

Dr Daria Sadovskaya has claimed that oral sex can pose a greater risk to your wellbeing than smoking in a viral video.

Have a look here:

She said that those who like to give in the bedroom have a greater chance of developing throat cancer as opposed to people who enjoy lighting a cigarette up.

Tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption are thought to be the riskiest habits which can bring on the life-threatening illness.

But the medic from Singapore said that fellatio or cunnilingus is actually the leading cause of throat cancer.

And in a TikTok video shared to her account @sadovskaya_doctor, she stood by her statement when questioned by a follower.

A social media user asked Dr Sadovskaya: "Are you saying oral sex is proven to be the number one cause of throat cancer?"

Despite discussing a macabre subject, she responded with a lighthearted video and doubled down on her stance.

Oral sex can lead to throat cancer, the doctor warned.
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The doctor lip synced to the Doja Cat lyrics: "B***h, I said what I said."

And medical experts at The American Cancer Society (ACS) say that human papillomavirus (HPV) can be transferred to the throat during oral sex - and can be the source of throat cancers.

When partaking in oral sex, a HPV infection can be transmitted and nestle at the back of your throat or near the tonsils.

Most of the time, it can go away on their own - within one to two years specifically - but if it persists, they can develop into throat cancer.

Men are at an even higher risk of developing the disease this way, as women are more likely to carry the genital virus HPV.

According to statistics from ACS, HPV-oropharyngeal cancer diagnosis' in men rose 2.8 percent from 2015 to 2019, while rates rose 1.3 percent for women.

So, Dr Sadovskaya recommends that blokes should wear a condom when receiving - just to be on the safe side.

Another way to avoid HPV related cancers is to get the vaccine.

The medic advised men to wear a condom to reduce the risk.
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It is recommended for people aged between 12 and 13-years-old, as well as men who have sex with men, and people from nine to 26-years-old with immune system weakness.

Some social media users weren't too impressed with the warning, however, but others vowed to take heed of the advice.

One commented: "Healthy queen over here!"

Another wrote: "Yep, the CDC estimates that HPV causes approx 70% of throat cancers in the US."

A third added: "Well, it's either oral sex or alcohol."

At least you've got a good excuse next time your not in the mood.

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