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Concerns grow as man who’s lived inside iron lung for more than 70 years is rushed to hospital suddenly

Concerns grow as man who’s lived inside iron lung for more than 70 years is rushed to hospital suddenly

A worrying update was issued on his TikTok page

Fans of the nicknamed 'Polio Paul' have began to worry after discovering that he was rushed to hospital suddenly.

Paul Alexander has spent the last 70 years of his life in an iron lung, being the last person on Earth with one.

He's relied on the tank respirator - which helps pull air in and out of the lungs to simulate breathing - since he was six years old.

After the young boy went outside to play with his brother, he came back in with a fever, aches and pains in his muscles, as well as unexplained fatigue.

He was left paralysed from the neck down and unable to breathe for himself.

Paul lives in Dallas, Texas and provides health updates, tells stories of how he still got to live the life he wanted, answers fans' questions and more on his TikTok account, @ironlungman.

But fans have started to worry as his social media manager Lincoln posted a health update on his page.

He has defied the odds up to now, with doctors previously admitting that he 'shouldn't be alive' after over 70 years in the seven-foot machine, with serious fears over his health.

Paul Alexander relies on the Iron Lung to breathe.

Lincoln explained in the video: “Paul was rushed to the emergency room in the hospital. He tested positive for Covid which is obviously really, really dangerous for someone with his condition.

"Fortunately they have an iron lung at the hospital set up for him and he was able to come home this weekend but unfortunately he's still kind of weak.

“He's still got some confusion going around and he's been struggling to eat and hydrate, so for that reason we'll be holding off on uploading videos for a little longer."

He also asked for followers to help in any way they can, whether it be liking videos on TikTok, donating to his GoFundMe or simply by sending their thoughts.

Lincoln also wrote in the description of the video: "Please keep Paul in your thoughts and prayers!"

However, since the video was posted six days ago, there has been no update on any of his channels.

Paul is known to spread positivity through his videos, telling his life stories and spreading hope.

Fans were quick to show their support for Paul in the comments of the video.

One commented: "Who on earth put this precious man in jeopardy. I hope he has a speedy recovery and no lasting harm. Best wishes Paul."

Another said: "Paul, take your time. Glad you are okay, take your time to rest and get better!!!"

A third put: "Paul, you have given me many words of support when I needed them. Just know that I am thinking of you, your health and wellbeing."

If you want to support Paul, you can donate to his GoFundMe here.

Featured Image Credit: Mitch Summers/Youtube

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