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Truth over penis enlargement methods as doctor shares surprising answer to what the average size is

Truth over penis enlargement methods as doctor shares surprising answer to what the average size is

A doctor has debunked some myths about penis enlargement

A doctor has run through some of the common methods men have used to give themselves a more sizeable sausage.

For some reason a number of guys are insecure about what Brian Potter from Phoenix Nights would term their 'love length', and have tried to come up with ways to get bigger.

Some of these methods are more effective than others, and those that work often involve actual surgery.

Just to give you an idea of what sort of ballpark we're in here, according to a doctor the average length of a flaccid penis is 3.61 inches, and when it's erect the average size is 5.17 inches.

If you're worried there's likely little reason to be, you're probably measuring up better than you think.
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So don't feel like you're not measuring up and remember that an incredibly wise being once said 'size matters not'.

For those who are still concerned and want to enhance themselves, at least follow the advice from health experts at London Andrology, who deal with men's health.

First off, they reckon that around half of all men would take a larger penis if offered it but for obvious reasons it's not something that gets talked about all that much.

As for the truth over whether penis enlargement actually works, there are some methods which do and some that really, really don't.

The mens' health experts warned guys to stay away from penis pumps as doing what Austin Powers does is 'most definitely not a long-term solution' for phallic proportions.

They also said there was 'no clinical evidence' that other devices that claimed to extend your ding-a-ling actually worked, and that ones including a frame or placing a weight at the tip to stretch it out are more likely to cause some permanent damage.

You can also chuck away all the pills, creams and herbs that claim to give you what you're wanting because apparently they're a bunch of bunkum as well, as if they really worked everyone would be taking them.

As for the methods that actually work, many of them involve putting your penis under the knife so you might not want to go in for them.

According to the experts if you want a longer love length you'll have to go in for surgery.
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Still, the experts did say that going in for penis enlargement surgery did actually work and you could be in hospital for as little as four hours if they got you in and out really quickly.

These methods involve cutting, implanting and in some cases 'disassembling' your dingle-dongle if you're really dead set on it.

However, the experts stressed that the evidence points towards your concerns being unfounded as many men worried about their size are well within average, with the concerns having more to do with what's between your ears than your legs.

If you need help making your mind up just imagine that surgeon's scalpel slicing into your nether regions, that ought to help you decide.

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