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Bloke asks for help after noticing patches appear on forehead

Bloke asks for help after noticing patches appear on forehead

The man took to Reddit after a quick diagnosis from the doctors

It’s not social media if someone isn’t putting out a question about their life to the world.

And this bloke seems to be having quite a confusing nightmare. So after speaking to a doctor, he did the second best thing and headed to Reddit with his situation.

Now, a lot of us might have random things that pop up on our body that admittedly, we just leave. Maybe we notice it and decide it’ll just go away.

But obviously, if you spot something unusual or different on your skin, it’s always best to get it checked out.

Posting to a skincare forum, the man shared a photo of his head wondering what it is and ‘what product can help’.

He looks to have a relatively tanned forehead but with a load of small white patches spread across his skin.

He shared his skin situation on Reddit.

The concerned fella wrote: “Over the last few years (always in summer when tanned) I’ve noticed this appearing on my forehead. It’s got worse and more noticeable as the years have went on to the point I’ve grew my fringe long to cover it.

“Dr says it could possibly be Vitiligo (he made that diagnosis over the phone without seeing me or a picture btw) Looking for any product advice that could help in any way.”

According to the NHS, Vitiligo is ‘a long-term condition where pale white patches develop on the skin. It's caused by the lack of melanin, which is the pigment in skin’.

And that does seem to be very similar to this man’s situation.

SPF is recommended to protect your skin.
Catherine Falls Commercial/Getty Images

In the Reddit thread, one user wrote: “Just looks like too much sun exposure over time. That’s what skin looks like on old ladies who tan all the time."

Others advised: “Firstly, you should wear a broad spectrum SPF of at least 30 every day to help prevent further pigmented areas appearing.”

While some also recommended ‘vitamin C’, overall the main recommendation for the bloke was to ‘wear SPF’ on his face daily.

One echoed: “Please wear sun cream!!! always. Don’t forget your arms and hands too.”

Many also recommend he sees a dermatologist as another advised: “I think a topical vitamin E moisturizer or oil helps with pigmentation, but I could be wrong. I'd go see a dermatologist if it's bothering either physically, like being dry or itchy, or even if you just don't like the way it looks. Hope you figure it out.”

And the guy replied: “Yeah it’s not dry or itchy it’s just really the appearance that’s getting me down. Thanks for the advice.”

So yeah, let that be a warning, make sure you get the SPF on.

Featured Image Credit: Manalivekarl/Reddit

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