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Relationship expert warns men not to overlook the lesser-known ‘A spot’

Poppy Bilderbeck

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Relationship expert warns men not to overlook the lesser-known ‘A spot’

Now, let's take it easy for a second, there's no point jumping into A-Level content if we haven't passed the GCSE stage yet.

For all those who are still a little bit confused as to where the clitoris lies, you may as well click off this article right now.

For those who've found the G spot I shake your hand and welcome you into the conversation.

And for those of you who already knew there was something called an 'A spot' - I take my non-existent hat off to you, because I didn't have the faintest clue what it was and I'm one of the people who apparently has one.



Licensed psychologist and certified sex therapist Dr Kate Balestrieri - who goes by @drkatebalestrieri on TikTok - has revealed there is an 'A spot'.

She explains: "The A-spot is actually the interior fornix erogenous zone and this is located on the vaginal wall, slightly above the G-spot.

"And unlike the G-spot, it doesn't necessarily lead to orgasm."


Okay, well then what's the use of it?

The what spot now? Credit: Pexels/ SHVETS production
The what spot now? Credit: Pexels/ SHVETS production

Well, the A-spot may not strictly result in orgasm, but Dr Balestrieri explains the 'stimulation of the A-spot creates an incredible amount of arousal'.

Not only this, but it 'adds to the amount of lubrication that someone with a vagina might feel during stimulation'.


The sexpert resolves: "So do not overlook the A-spot, do not overlook the G-spot, just have a good time. Listen to your partner, listen to what they like."

And no, Dr Balestrieri isn't making this up - the A-spot having been investigated by doctors since the '80s.


Fancy having a go at learning some more about it too?

Well, the interior fornix erogenous zone is located 'about four to five inches inside the vagina,' on the 'front wall - belly button side,' according to Masterclass' Emily Morse.

She advises: "To find it, start by inserting your lubricated index finger or a sex toy about five inches into the vagina, staying as close to the vaginal wall as possible to avoid bumping the cervix. Use light, gentle strokes to explore."

If you're looking to commence your search with the helping hand - or not hand - of a partner then doggy style or lying down with your legs bent towards your chest are good places to start too.


Although, the outlet warns: "Since the cervix and A-spot are right next to each other, be careful not to hit the cervix while searching for the A-spot. To avoid this, hug the front vaginal wall and explore very slowly and gently."

As former secretary of the UN, Dag Hammarskjöld said: "The longest journey is the journey inwards. Of him who has chosen his destiny, who has started upon his quest for the source of his being."

So, go, make haste.

Featured Image Credit: @drkatebalestrieri/tiktok/pixabay

Topics: Sex and Relationships, Health, Mental Health, TikTok, Social Media

Poppy Bilderbeck
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