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Dan Bilzerian explains the ‘secret’ to having sex nine times in one day

Dan Bilzerian explains the ‘secret’ to having sex nine times in one day

Social media influencer Dan Bilzerian revealed in October last year his 'secret' to having sex nine times in one day

Social media influencer Dan Bilzerian has shared the 'secret' to having sex nine times a day in a podcast, because apparently we all asked. Watch him explain with an utterly straight face below:

The 41-year-old was a guest on the Impaulsive podcast in October last year when he revealed his shocking secret.

Bilzerian was in conversation with hosts Logan Paul, George Janko and Mike Majlak when they got onto the conversation about how many times they have sex in a single day.

"I was going pretty hard in my hay day," Bilzerian admitted.

"I f**ked nine times in one day."

Logan Paul was instantly shocked by the social media star's admission, saying: "How is your sex drive that high? I've got three. Maybe four max in a day."

Dan Bilzerian said in the podcast he has had sex nine times in one day before.

Bilzerian explains: "There's different factors, there's the Cialis, the testosterone, the stem cells.

"Those three are a pretty powerful combo."

Viewers of the podcast have been reacting to the clip on YouTube and other forms of social media to Bilzerian's claims, with the large majority not massive fans of the conversation. Fair play, to be honest.

One said: "Real insightful conversation we have here. Knowledge increased tenfold. Thank you Impaulsive."



A second added: "I find anything he says really hard to believe."

A third wrote: "I can feel the brain cells leaving my head."

Finally, a woman shared her own experience: "I’ve definitely had sex between 7-10x in one day (yes with the same person) in fact when we were together we were having sex between 20-25x per week. Clearly our relationship for almost a year was sexually based. Not a lot of connection outside of the bedroom."

The podcast clip comes after footage re-emerged of Bilzerian revealing on an Instagram story how many times he has sex each week.

The clip from July 2020 has appeared once more on TikTok, as fans could ask the social media influencer some of their burning questions.

As expected with how big he talks it up, Bilzerian was asked how many times he would usually have sex in a week.

He said: "I don't know. I would say on average, like at least two times a day.

"Yeah, so probably a minimum of 14."

Like the comment made in the podcast, many viewers questioned whether Bilzerian was telling the truth.

"Sure you do," one added sarcastically.

Featured Image Credit: Image Press Agency/Alamy Stock Photo/Instagram/@danbilzerian

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