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Doctor explains hot water migraine trick which will get rid of headaches and leave you with no side effects

Doctor explains hot water migraine trick which will get rid of headaches and leave you with no side effects

The simple hack can work 'in minutes' according to one person who tried it

If you’ve ever suffered from a migraine, you’ll most likely know that you’d be willing to try just about anything to shift it - and one doctor has recommended a hack that has ‘zero side effects’ and could help.

In a clip on TikTok, Doctor Sood - or @doctorsood as he’s known on the platform - shared the simple hack that only requires hot water and could offer you relief in minutes.

The clip starts by sharing a video of Andrea Eder, a business coach from Miami, Florida, who explains that if you have a migraine and want to get rid of it ‘fast’ you get water that is ‘as hot as you can handle’ and soak your feet in it.

Now, it might not sound like much - but Dr Sood then explains why it works.

“If you suffer from migraine headaches here’s a hack to try, which has zero side effects and may help,” he says.

“Soaking your feet in hot water. But why exactly does this help? This will dilate the blood vessels in your feet, pulling blood away from your head, which will ease the pressure on the blood vessels causing your migraine, which will in turn decrease your pain.”

Andrea Eder shared the hack on TikTok.

He then asked his followers if they had ever tried the trick and it turns out that lots of people had - and plenty of them claimed it did indeed work, with one person writing: "I put my hands and feet in hot water with a frozen bag of peas on my neck. migraine gone in about 10-15 min with no gross feeling after."

Another said: “I did this last week. Soaked my feet for 10 minutes in hot water and it worked a treat. I had a mild headache for about four hours after.”

A third added: “I've been doing this for years, I sit on the edge of the tub and run the hot water.”

The hack has zero side effects and could help in minutes.

While someone else wrote: “It does help. I usually run a bath with water as hot as I can stand, sit on the edge, put hands and feet in, then ice pack on the back of my neck.”

And of course, another person who swears the hack in a game change is Eder from the original clip who said she had been suffering from a migraine just prior to soaking her feet in the hot water.

“Four minutes ago, my eyes were shaking, and I couldn't see straight, and I was already trying to look for the bed so I could lay down and close all the blinds,” she said.

“The fact that the screen is not shaking right now, and it's only been four minutes.

"I am forever grateful to the human beings who have shared this on TikTok because I think you just saved my life.”

Featured Image Credit: Stefan Klein/ullstein bild via Getty Images/TikTok/@andreaeder

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