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NHS Doctor Explains Potential Side Effects Of 'No Nut November'

NHS Doctor Explains Potential Side Effects Of 'No Nut November'

Dr Karan Rajan describes what could happen if you refrain from self pleasure for the month of November

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

If you happen to be participating in 'No Nut November' you might want to rethink your choice after an NHS doctor revealed the possible side effects. Find out more below:

If you've not heard about NNN before, it's pretty self explanatory. People refrain from masturbation or sexual intercourse for the month of November. Basically, have an orgasm and you've f***** it.

But if you're nine days in and needing an excuse to knock it on the head, Dr Karan Rajan (TikTok - @dr.karanr/Instagram - @drkaranrajan) has given a few potential side effects that you can use to get yourself out of it.

For some people, it's believed that NNN helps boost testosterone and trains them to resist temptation or stop relying on pornography.

But discussing the internet abstinence challenge, the doc said: "Wet dreams or nocturnal emissions aren't always about sexual arousal.

"Nocturnal emissions are a way for the body to clear out sperm.

"Your sperm has an expiration date, so if you haven't fired your gooey cannon in a while, your body gets rid of the old stuff while you sleep."


He went on to add: "You're a sperm recycling factory. Any sperm that reach their sell-by date and aren't used up get broken down and reabsorbed by your body.

"This is especially important for men that have had vasectomies because they still produce sperm.

"If your body didn't reabsorb sperm your dingleberries would swell up."

Since posting the video, it's had over five million views with one person joked: "He failed and trying to make us fail. Stay strong boys."

Another added: "This man must've already failed. Stay strong soldiers."

A third commented: "This all the excuse I need to not participate. Thanks Doc."


Others couldn't quite get over the phrase 'gooey cannon', with one asking: "Did you just say gooey cannon bro?"

Another said: "Gooey cannon!! Cmon doc."

According to the official NNN emergency broadcast, the most stringent participants aren't allowed to 'fap' or even 'edge' for the next 30 days and watching porn is also unauthorised.

The movement has been around since the early 2010s, however it exploded in popularity over the last two years thanks to pandemic-related isolation giving some men another reason to challenge themselves.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@dr.karanr

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