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Vape addicts will be forced to make huge choice following vaping law announcement

Vape addicts will be forced to make huge choice following vaping law announcement

Are you going to quit or commit?

It's a calamity for those who enjoy huffing a cloud of flavoured fog as the government has confirmed that a ban on disposable vapes is coming to the UK.

Rishi Sunak announced the new laws in an attempt to crack down on the rise of vaping among children, and certain flavours of vapes thought to be aimed at children will also be restricted.

The government will also have the power to move where vapes are displayed in shops so they're out of sight of children, and they'll have to be contained in less visually appealing packaging.

New fines can be levied on shops in England and Wales that illegally sell vapes to children as well.

The ban is expected to come into force early next year, and once a date is confirmed retailers will be given six months to follow the rules.

Doesn't this just look so tedious, like you wish you weren't vaping?
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All of this adds up to a tough choice for vape addicts, many of whom huff and puff on disposable vapes rather than reusable devices.

Once the disposables are gone they'll be confronted with the choice of whether to quit their addiction or switch onto reusable vapes.

Reusable kits have a higher initial cost and require more maintenance than their disposable counterparts, and there is more variation in the amount of addictive substance nicotine in reusable vapes.

Disposables can be quick, initially cheaper and packed full of nicotine, and even the change in convenience might nudge some people towards the decision to quit, though switching to reusable ones will cost you less eventually.

Quitting vaping will have a pronounced impact on your body, as while they're safer than cigarettes it's like being thrown down carpeted stairs instead of concrete steps, in the end it's better to do neither.

Once the ban on disposable vapes kicks in people will be faced with the choice to quit them or commit to buying a reusable one.
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Before long your lungs and cardiovascular system will start to feel the benefit of ditching the vape, while your mental health should see an increase too.

Deciding to quit will bring a plethora of health benefits and even if it's a difficult trek.

Quitting cold turkey is difficult and takes a lot of willpower but it is certainly doable, and one of our own found that after getting over the difficulties of the first week the benefits started becoming noticeable.

Even if the cravings are still there they look back on the ordeal and feel very glad they took the plunge and decided to quit.

Switch or ditch, quit or commit, that's the choice which will face those who puff on disposable vapes once the ban kicks in.

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