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Everything that happens when you quit vaping after government announces new UK laws

Everything that happens when you quit vaping after government announces new UK laws

You will start to see immediate improvements in your health when you ditch the habit

The prime minister has announced that disposable vapes are set to be banned in the UK and people are already panicking about soon being unable to get their next fix.

Rishi Sunak revealed that a load of new laws are being introduced in a bid to crack down on the rise in vaping among young people and children.

As well as getting rid of disposables, there will also be restrictions surrounding the colours and flavours of vapes - marketed specifically towards the younger generation - from being sold.

There will also be changes to how vapes are displayed in shops, such as moving them out of sight of children and away from products like sweets, while new fines will also be brought in across England and Wales for illegally selling vapes.

The PM wants to do 'the right thing for our country in the long term' and nip the vaping trend in the bud before it's too late.

There's a host of unhealthy side effects that come with the habit - from lung disease, heart disease, and all other kinds of debilitating conditions.

So if anything, the government might have just given some people the push to quit, as it seems like the perfect time to ditch vaping to save some cash and look after your body.

Here's a full run down of some of the health benefits you can enjoy when you finally quit vaping for good.

There are loads of benefits.
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Respiratory relief

We all know that smoking anything is bound to have a bad impact on your lungs - so putting down your e-cigarette and inhaling fresh air instead will obviously do you the world of good.

By giving up vaping, you are immediately improving the efficiency of your body's breathing apparatus by reducing the exposure to harmful chemicals and irritants which are commonly found in the popular devices.

A study conducted by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that both current and former vapers had a higher likelihood of developing respiratory diseases compared to those who don't smoke at all.

But you still have time to get on the right track and say goodbye to struggling to breathe, wheezing and coughing.

Quitting vaping will drastically improve your health.
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Cardiovascular improvement

Your cardiovascular system will get a welcome boost when you quit vaping and this can add a good few years onto your life expectancy.

One major pay off is that it will improve the function of the inner lining of your blood vessels, which in turn improves blood flow, lowers your chances of heart related issues and enhances the health of your blood vessels. Win, win, win.

Vapers experience reduced blood vessel function and have lower levels of nitric oxide (NO) - which is critical for endothelial cell health - according to a study which looked at what impairments vaping causes.

Your blood pressure and heart rate will quickly recover from the nicotine-induced spikes when you quit, while your circulation improves and your risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and cancer is slashed.

Mental and emotional boost

Although you might think hitting the vape is the only thing that gets you through the day, it turns out that you can improve your mental and emotional wellbeing a lot more by giving up the habit.

It may be a test of your will power, but refusing to puff on an e-cig when things get tough will help you create healthier coping strategies and help you realise a disposable vape won't help change your circumstances.

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A study of more than 2,500 teens and young adults who vape found that 60 percent reported symptoms of anxiety, while over half experienced symptoms of depression.

The research by the American Heart Association also found that vapers were at higher risk and had stronger addiction tendencies.

But if you quit, you can reassess your resilience and build better habits to handle all the crap which life throws at you.

Cognitive pros

You can fire up your brain power when you turn your back on vaping too, as it will help you stop any cognitive decline which your dependence on the handheld devices may have caused.

Similarly to smoking, the use of e-cigarettes has been related to a reduction in the abilities of your mind.

A study by the US National Library of Medicine discovered that vapers had a significantly higher association with cognitive complaints compared to those who had never used one.

Participants who vape showed a stronger link with thinking problems than their peers, suggesting that the habit has a large effect on your cognitive health.

We've already got enough to deal with in terms of growing old, so why not make sure your brain is in tip top condition?

Your lungs, cardiovascular system and mental health will all get a boost.
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Oral health benefits

Prepare to show off your pearly whites with pride when you give up vaping, as it will massively improve your oral health.

You will no longer be getting told off by the dentist, will have better breath and drastically improve the state of your gob.

When you're no longer inhaling the chemicals in vapes, it will stop the disruption of the oral microbiome associated with e-cigarette use, which can lead to periodontal issues and oral health challenges.

The American Society for Microbiology conducted a six-month study which found that vapers have an eerily similar mouth to those who smoke - as all the ingredients wreak havoc on your oral health.

Your gums, teeth and tongue are among those in the firing line - but quitting will help put a stop to the bad side effects.

Skin improvements

It turns out that you might not need a new moisturiser - you simply just need to stop vaping.

It could be sucking the life out of your skin and making you look a lot older than you are, as well as worsening your existing issues with your complexion like acne or eczema.

But if you jack it in, you will see a huge improvement in hydration as the nicotine which narrows your blood vessels and reduces blood flow - potentially drying out your skin - will no longer be able to dehydrate you.

Blemishes, cuts and skin conditions will also likely improve at a faster rate if you don't consume any nicotine, as the substance can slow down your body's ability to heal.

The stimulant isn't the only thing causing chaos for your skin though - as all the other harmful chemicals and toxins which are packed in vapes are making you old before your time and clogging up your complexion.

They can break down the collagen and elastin in the skin, which leads to premature ageing, wrinkles and sagging. And who wants that?

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