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Heartbreak High actor blocked from sensory room at Harry Styles' concert for not looking 'autistic enough'

Heartbreak High actor blocked from sensory room at Harry Styles' concert for not looking 'autistic enough'

The Australian actor, who has autism, is now accusing Marvel Stadium of ableism.

Australian actor Chloé Hayden has lashed out at Melbourne's Marvel Stadium after she claims she was denied access to a special room for people with sensory disorders at a Harry Styles concert.

The Heartbreak High actor, 25, has Autism Spectrum Disorder, requested access to the room while she was at Styles’ Friday gig in Melbourne, but was barred entry to the space by security.

She claims they denied her access because she didn't look 'autistic enough' to use the space.

"Hey @marvelstadium reminder you cannot preach inclusivity and then not let me into the sensory room because you decided I don't look autistic enough," she wrote on Twitter.

"How goddamn disappointing the same venue has proven flying its woke flag and ticking the disability box is where its values begin and end."

The sensory room features noise-cancelling headphones, weighted blankets, and fidget tools so autistic people or those suffering from sensory issues have a safe space to go take some time out during events and concerts at Marvel Stadium.

Hayden in Heartbreak High.

She told The Age she attempted to check out the sensory room before Styles' set began in order to familiarise herself with the space.

"Mum and I went to look over it, to see where it was, how to access it, how to get there … as soon as we walked up, we were met with almost quite dismissive behaviour," she said.

The 25-year-old said being refused entry was like a slap in the face.

"[The worker] looked over me and did a once-over, checked me out, and she told me, ‘oh, it’s not available’.

"That was a good hour-and-a-half before the concert started. My mum was with me and she kind of questioned: 'Do you have to book for it?'

"They said no, and definitely made out that I wasn’t welcome in that space."

The disability advocate has since filed a complaint with Marvel Stadium, which she then shared with the Herald Sun.

"As a disabled person and active voice and advocate for the disabled community, it is tiring to continue to be fighting for access and the ability to exist in public spaces -particularly at venues that pride themselves on being accessible."

The Netflix star was met with support on social media, with Twitter users slamming Marvel Stadium for the supposed actions move.

One user said: "You know things are shit when even a world-renowned autism advocate can’t access a sensory space. What the damn hell, Marvel Stadium? Disability has no look, stop your gatekeeping."

Another said: "Marvel Stadium should use some of their profits from tonight’s show to invest in disability inclusion training for all of their staff. Performative inclusion doesn’t count."

A Marvel Stadium spokesperson told LADbible Australia: "We are extremely disappointed to hear that over the weekend patrons had an experience where they were not able to access our sensory room.

“Upon becoming aware of this issue, staff immediately made contact and have organised a time to openly discuss and better understand what happened so we can rectify it and make any appropriate changes to ensure it doesn’t happen again … we sincerely apologise for the hurt and inconvenience that was caused on this occasion. We will continue to review our processes.”

Featured Image Credit: Netflix. PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo.

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