Hemsworths Lend A Hand To Clean Up Flood Ravaged Lismore As Locals Lash Out At Government Support

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Residents of food-ravaged communities in northern NSW have lashed out, accusing the government of turning their backs on communities in need - but Australia's most famous family hasn't, lending their star power to the massive clean-up.

Liam and Luke Hemsworth were spotted helping locals sift through the debris of their homes, with photos of them lending a hand in the massive flood clean-up making their way to Instagram.

“Very confronting scenes today in Lismore,” Local Ben Gordon wrote in his caption.

“This is a proper national disaster and needs serious government support. ASAP! Luckily we have a very strong and supportive community that is showing up big time.”

Absent from the clean-up was Thor star Chris Hemsworth, who is currently filming overseas, and his wife Elsa Pataky, who was reportedly trapped inside their Byron home with their children as floodwaters rose.

That didn't stop the Hollywood power couple from praising volunteers who are now making their way through the massive clean-up.

Although there may have a few extra hands to aid with clean-up efforts, there locals have been critical over the perceived lack of government support.

Worn-down residents say they have been left to fend for themselves, criticising the NSW government for their slow approach to relief for the embattled communities.

A government recovery centre will open in Mullumbimby on Monday, but locals have hit out at the government's recovery effort, describing it as too little, too late.

Mullumbimby resident Daryl Best told the Sydney Morning Herald hit out at the NSW government for their slow response to communities in need.

“[The government recovery centre] should have been something ready to be activated in three days," he said

"We can’t expect the government to solve all the problems [but] a timely response would have been Wednesday,” he said.

Meanwhile, communities in the Tweed Valley and around Murwillumbah have been crowdfunding to hire helicopters to deliver essential services such as medical supplies.

Untrained volunteers have been performing emergency rescues and discovering corpses.

NSW state Premier Dominic Perrottet has defended the state's flood response, hitting back at claims communities had not been reached by official emergency services.

“I don’t believe they’ve been forgotten," Perrottet said

Residents in Northern NSW are still struggling to get phone reception in order to apply for government grants.

Lismore resident Luisa Duffy lashed out at Perrottet, slamming the bureaucracy required to access immediate support payments.

“The premier can hold a nice and dry press conference, but how about us still cleaning up here? How do our staff even lodge their payment applications without internet?," she said.

“They’re asking for details about banking history and how much paid leave they have available – and this is for people who’ve lost all their files and computers, for a payment that is less than Jobkeeper was.

“Do they [government] realise how tough it is to just access the internet right now? They’ve got no idea ... We just need more from both the state and federal governments right now."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Ben Gordon/UPI/Alamy Stock Photo

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