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Here are the deadlines you need to know for sending Christmas presents overseas

Here are the deadlines you need to know for sending Christmas presents overseas

While Christmas might seem far away right now, you'll need to get your act together fast to send things abroad.

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to get your international gifts packed and sent to ensure they reach their destinations well before Christmas day.

Covid-19 restrictions are continuing to cause delays, with some countries still not accepting parcels from Australia, so be sure to check before going to the trouble of wrapping and labelling your delivery for send off.

Deadlines for Christmas Deliveries

Australia Post has announced that, for economy air, parcels should be sent by November 14 at the latest.

International Standard and Express are expected to have a bit more time though.

"If posting with International Express, some popular destinations like the USA, the UK, New Zealand and Canada should be sent by 9 December," a statement by Australia Post said.

"Recommended last sending dates for posting within Australia will be released in the coming weeks."

Custom delays and overseas postal disruptions may push back arrivals, however for more specific delivery times you can visit the Australia Post website.

"As always, we'll continue to deliver items sent after these dates as quickly as possible but they may not arrive until after Christmas," Australia Post Executive General Manager, Customer and Commercial Gary Starr told Nine News.

So even if you don’t make the dates, you can be sure your parcel will still find its destination.

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