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Hilarious eBay Advert Selling 1980s Caravan Goes Viral

Hilarious eBay Advert Selling 1980s Caravan Goes Viral

The eBay caravan listing included '80 percent of a pack of Uno cards' and 'maybe' an awning as well

An hilarious eBay advert has gone viral after a man tried to sell his mother’s caravan from the 1980s.

On the advert, the seller said the purchase would ‘maybe’ include an awning, although he’d have to check – more on that later – as well as advertising ’80 percent of a pack of Uno cards’.

What’s not to love?

Of course, living in vans is all the rage these days, with TikTok pages awash with people who have taken vehicles and kitted them out for a life on the road.

However, this might not be quite the #VanLife purchase you’re looking for.

The caravan could use a bit of love.

At least the creator – Michael from Lancashire – is honest about what he is trying to offload.

It’s a caravan from 1980, and it’s in need of some serious TLC by the looks of things.

So far, the 1980 Ci Europa 4-berth caravan has attracted bids up to £2,000, meaning that there actually might be a market out there for it after all.

The listing claims that the sale of the caravan is being driven by Michael’s sister, but it would make his ‘slightly dotty 70-year-old’ mum happy.

He warns potential buyers not to ‘be expecting miracles’ but said he is ‘happy to throw in any plates, cutlery, fairy liquid etc that are no doubt in the cupboards 'just in case'.

New window covered, by the looks of things.

Michael adds: "If you're lucky there might be 80% of a pack of Uno cards in there. There might even be an awning, I'll have to check, if there then it's included."

The listing reads: "Sold as seen, no returns, collection only from Lytham St. Anne's. If you get it home and there's a dotty 70-year-old locked in the bathroom let me know, we're quite fond of her when she's not making us sell stuff and take up racket sports.”

That’s a reference to some updated photos he shared in which his mother, via WhatsApp, implored him to take up badminton.

Oh, here’s an update on that awning as well.

Michael later added: "***update*** it does not include the awning, it is currently MIA.

“No doubt she will later find it in the loft and I will have to eBay that too!

There's no awning, but the bathroom does look OK.

"There was an exciting 3 minutes last night when I thought I'd be able to include a hammock but she's keeping that apparently.

"That said I found an Uno set in my gaffe last night, living alone with no real mates I've no use for it so will include it as an interactive fun experience for your future holidays in this vintage beige caravan.

"I've also added a photo to prove my point about the badminton."

Michael's mum, loving the caravan life.

The best thing about all of this is that the sale is process will go to British Heart Foundation, meaning they are set to do pretty damn well out of a 40-year-old caravan and a recently discovered set of Uno cards.

Honestly, there's too many updates on the original post to keep up with, so if you want to check it out – and maybe even put in a bid yourself – you can do so here.

Featured Image Credit: eBay

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