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How Not Drinking For 28 Day Changes Your Body

Rebecca Shepherd

| Last updated 

How Not Drinking For 28 Day Changes Your Body

Featured Image Credit: Daria Kulkova/Alamy Stock Photo

If you're toying with the prospect of Dry January but aren't completely convinced yet, maybe this will give you a push in the right direction.

We say this not to be boring b******s but because it's always wise to have a little break from things like alcohol.

Even more so when you remember that drinking usually comes with other things that are better being avoided: fast food, lack of sleep, drug taking and exercise ditching, to name a few.

Credit: Trevor Mogg/Alamy Stock Photo
Credit: Trevor Mogg/Alamy Stock Photo

If nothing else can urge you to press pause on having a beer or two, maybe knowing how your body will react to no alcohol might.

Regardless of whether you're a heavy drinker or you only drink one day a week, everyone will benefit from a break for a number of different reasons.

First of all - the money saved could come in handy. The extra dollar you find yourself having can be used on getting something you've been eyeing up for a while or going somewhere and gaining new experiences.

According to information from the Priory Group it's much more than that saving a little extra cash. Here we have outlined them on a weekly basis.

Credit: Norm Lane/Alamy Stock Photo
Credit: Norm Lane/Alamy Stock Photo

Week 1

On the first week without boozing, you will be most likely to give in if you're a habitual drinker - but if you stick it out, you'll notice your sleep starts to regulate. This might mean it's harder to sleep to start with, because alcohol makes you fall asleep quicker, but your quality of sleep suffers. Without a drink though, you'll also make better choices with food, most likely eating less junk food too.

You'll also be a lot more hydrated - six glasses of wine makes you lose 19-24 glasses of water, meaning all the water you aim to drink through the day has been in vain. Cut out the bevvies though, and you'll notice you can concentrate easier and will feel less tired.

Week 2

After two weeks you'll start to feel all the benefits of better sleep and hydration, feeling more motivated and your skin will improve, as well as looking less puffy and more healthy.

If you're one of those unlucky people that suffers with reflux or heartburn, you'll see a reduction in these symptoms too - as alcohol is an irritant to the stomach lining.

There's a plethora of non-alcoholic drinks available now. Credit: David Dixon/Alamy Stock Photo
There's a plethora of non-alcoholic drinks available now. Credit: David Dixon/Alamy Stock Photo

Week 3

By this stage, you will have actually lowered your blood pressure, as well as saved an absolute load of calories. On the basis that a person drinks six pints per week, you'd have saved 3,240 calories, and for six glasses of wine, you'd have saved almost 3,000. 

Add to that all the kebabs you've not used to soak it up and the hangover breakfasts, and you're well on your way to a naturally slimmer you.

Week 4

At this point, not only can you give yourself a massive pat on the back, but you'll probably also be feeling on top of the world.

Your skin will be looking loads better, acne is known to clear up and any dryness will too. You'll also have saved a load of money, be looking all lean and most likely have an improved mood.

But if you already have too many drink-related plans for January that you don't want to or can't be swerved maybe you can get ready for Sober October?!

Topics: Food And Drink

Rebecca Shepherd
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