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Huge great white shark filmed circling kayak

Huge great white shark filmed circling kayak

People have been left in a state of horrified awe by terrifying footage of a great white shark circling a solo kayaker

People have been left in a state of horrified awe by terrifying footage of a great white shark circling a solo kayaker. Catch the video here:

I was once swimming back to a pedalo boat with a friend after we'd hopped off onto a Spanish beach. A few seconds into the short swim back, she uttered the ominous words to me, "Don't look down".

Of course, I did. To see below me hundreds of octopus - or squid - whatever they were, I didn't waste much time to check, before I screamed.

Now imagine that, but you're sat on a kayak, looking not too dissimilar from a tasty seal and a great white shark begins to swim around you, eyeing you up for a midday snack.

The Fisherman's Chronicles captured the terrifying experience on an underwater camera as well as one from his kayak.
@fushermanschronicles/ Instagram

The Fisherman's Chronicles was kayaking in California when he realised a great white shark was making its way round his boat.

Rather than paddling away as fast as his oars could carry him, in the video the explorer can be seen poking one of his cameras into the water to get a closer look at the shark.

The intense circling took place for 'a couple of minutes' before the shark 'gracefully swam off in search of something tastier'.

The content creator behind the Fisherman's Chronicles may have seen the experience as 'one of the most incredible and certainly humbling' in his life, but not all of his followers had quite the same reaction.

The unnerving shark encounter took place for 'a couple of minutes'.
Fisherman's Chronicles/ YouTube

Echoing my thoughts exactly, one viewer wrote: "I would have died of fright!!!"

"Absolutely incredible! Hats off to you for not freaking out! Beautiful animal!!" another said.

A third wrote: "Thank the good lord it wasn't so curious to tip you. Always a blessing to be able to go home unscathed after an encounter of what's lurking. Cool video because all ended well. I would never be in that situation... Timharrelsonsr has got it right I want a bigger boat!"

A final resolved: "Incredible capture, my friend! So thankful you are safe."

One follower commented how they 'would've died from fright' had they been the one in the kayak.
@fishermanschronicles/ Instagram

This isn't the first time a great white shark has gotten too close for comfort to a human sea explorer.

Shark diving expert Jimi Partington got up close and personal with one of the animals in the Open Pacific when he placed himself inside a see-through box to get a closer look at the underwater predators.

One man, one great white shark and just a piece of plastic to separate them - what could possibly go wrong?

Featured Image Credit: @fishermanschronicles/Instagram

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