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Ian Brown issues savage response to fan following gig backlash

Ian Brown issues savage response to fan following gig backlash

The former Stone Roses frontman disappointed fans with the opening night of his tour, taking to the stage without a band

Ian Brown has responded defiantly to criticism from disappointed fans.

The former Stone Roses frontman kicked off his solo tour in Leeds, performing 23 songs from across his seven solo albums.

But many fans were shocked and disappointed with just how solo he was, taking to the stage with no band and singing along to backing tracks.

On Twitter, one fan wrote: "Musicians and crew need work after a difficult few years. Ian Brown can afford to employ people but don't quite get why he chooses not to?"

Responding to the tweet, the 59-year-old wrote: "I have a crew of 12 out on the road with me Whats it got to do with you you jealous prick?"

Brown did not take kindly to the tweet.

It's not surprising that he hasn't taken well to the criticism - he wants to be adored, after all.

The singer has seemingly had second thoughts about the reply though, as it has since been taken down.

Paul Griffiths, from Bradford, paid £47.50 for a balcony ticket to the show last night (Sunday 25 September) and said he 'couldn't believe it' when Brown walked on stage on his tod.

Speaking to the BBC, the fan of more than 20 years said: "We did stay until the end but my mate wanted to leave after the first song.

"You had the drunk people that weren't too bothered but most were pretty cheesed off.

"We expected a band, it's just a given really."

Following the gig, fans took to social media in their droves to complain.

Many fans were disappointed with the show.
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One person wrote: "Gutted to see @ianbrown turn up to his £40 a ticket, sold out gig at leeds tonight WITH NO BAND. I’m a life long fan but it was bad.

"#ianbrown does karaoke and butchers his own tunes.

"Most were too p****d to care but I had to get out after this one. Longsight M13 was a highlight."

Another added: "Ian Brown charging £50 a ticket to only sing his solo tunes, over a backing track, with no band is quite something."

However, another argued: "Bands play with backing tracks on the daily - people go and pay £80 for a pre recorded DJ set, people go and see artists like Steps and pay £80 a ticket to see cheese pop with a backing track, yet Ian Brown does it and there is this huge upheaval like he’s the first to do it."

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