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Influencer ruthlessly mocked for completely out-of-touch work outfit

Influencer ruthlessly mocked for completely out-of-touch work outfit

"If I had a corporate job this is what I would wear to work. Who is going to stop me?"

Social media can be a fantastic place to learn new things, to have fun, or to connect with people.

And sometimes you'll find something so incredibly out of touch that it sends a shiver through your entire body.

TikTok influencer Dani Klaric gave us one of those moments when she shared her outfit of the day... if she worked 9-5 at an office and did the daily grind like the rest of us chumps, that is.

Klaric, an interior decorator and creative director from the United States, showed off her final choice to her one million followers, and hoo boy would this outfit be grounds for immediate dismissal.

The American creative went for bright, yellow colours to mark the end of summer in the US.

The cute ensemble came complete with exposed lingerie, an open shirt, a short skirt, and bright yellow socks.

She paired that with leather loafers, accessories galore, and hair ribbons.

She walked through her final choice, a sunny ensemble to mark the end of the North American summer: a bright yellow combination with an exposed lingerie set, collared open shirt, white skirt, a matching yellow embroidered knee-high socks underneath a pair of chunky leather loafers, an insane amount of plastic accessories, and hair ribbons to top it off.

She said: "If I had a corporate job this is what I would wear to work. Who is going to stop me?"

Well, girl, human resources for one.

"It’s giving business woman [vibes]," she captioned with her video leading many to ask... do you work for the Powerpuff Girls?

The completely out-of-touch choice for corporate attire has, somewhat unsurprisingly, been absolutely roasted.

One social media user said: "How to say that you are infinitely out of touch with reality without saying it."

A second pointed out that her privilege was clearly showing: "It’s giving 'I have never worked in my whole life' [sort of look]."

A third answered her 'who is going to stop me' question: "Human Resources. They'll not even let you in the building."

The TikTokker eventually revealed that it was intended as a joke... but we're really not sure.

But, if she has the confidence to walk into an office with a completely unbuttoned shirt and canary yellow bra, power to her.

Just be prepared for HR to march you right back out again. But hey - you'll look cute doing it.

The video has racked up millions of views across TikTok - but that's just farshun, baby.

Featured Image Credit: daniklaric/TIkTok.

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