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Inmate who tried to kill Jeffrey Dahmer reveals how he got the chance

Inmate who tried to kill Jeffrey Dahmer reveals how he got the chance

"I wanted to kill him"

An inmate who attempted to kill Jeffrey Dahmer has revealed how he got the chance to take his life.

The new series, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which documents the horrific crimes committed by Dahmer, has been topping Netflix charts since its release on 22 September.

And now, his attempted killer has revealed in a new interview that he doesn't have an 'ounce of regret' about his decision to attack Dahmer whilst they both served time at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin.

Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 young men and boys before being arrested in 1991.

Just months before the serial killer was murdered by another inmate Christopher Scarver in 1994, Osvaldo Durruthy attempted to take matters into his own hands by slicing Dahmer's throat with a razor blade.

Despite being unsuccessful in the crime, the failed attempt meant the Cuban-born refugee landed another conviction - adding a further five years to his time in prison.

In a recent interview with, three decades after the ordeal took place, the 65-year-old stated his motive for attacking the murderer and cannibal was to take his life for 'his family and the black community'.

“I wanted to kill him,” Durruthy began in the interview, before detailing how he made the weapon out of a shaver that he was provided in prison.

“I melted the razor, the handle, to make a shank,” he admitted. “I thought it was something nice, so I went to church with it - prepared with my weapon.”

Osvaldo Durruthy attempted to take Dahmer's life.
Wisconsin Department of Corrections

But despite worries about being searched by guards in the prison chapel, he managed to make it to the bathroom where he could remove the razor from his shirt in order to get to Dahmer.

“When I came back, I grabbed him right away, I put him in a headlock… And I started slicing,” Durruthy said.

However, during the attack, the handle of his weapon broke and Durruthy was so ‘p****d’ that he started to physically beat him up - before guards swiftly took him away.

He also claimed that Dahmer was ‘not well liked’ by other inmates because he was allegedly receiving $5,000 ‘from people from England’.

His attempted killer is sticking to his decision to have attacked Dahmer whilst they both served time at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Wisconsin.

“I don't even regret having to spend an extra five years in prison because I tried to kill him,” he said. “And I'm glad someone else got him.”

Dahmer was responsible for the deaths and dismemberment of 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. 

His victims were aged between 14 to 33, with many of his crimes disgustingly involving rape, necrophilia and cannibalism.

Featured Image Credit: Wisconsin Department of Corrections /REUTERS / Alamy

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