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66% Of People Argue With Their Partner In The Morning Over Sleeping Habits

Rebecca Shepherd

| Last updated 

66% Of People Argue With Their Partner In The Morning Over Sleeping Habits

Today is 'World Sleep Day' so if that doesn't give you a good reason to snooze the alarm a few more times or get the early night you've been promising yourself - nothing will.

But have you ever had a good think about your sleep habits? Apparently, if we were given the option a lot of us would prefer to sleep alone. Which is totally understandable if you ask me.

39 per cent of women would rather sleep alone. Credit: PA
39 per cent of women would rather sleep alone. Credit: PA

Online pharmacy, Chemist 4 U, has shared findings from their comprehensive sleep study, which surveyed 2000 people on their sleeping habits and bedroom antics.


The study revealed that a staggering 37 per cent of people sleep in separate beds to their partners whilst living in the same household. While at the same time, 26 per cent admitted to kipping with their pets, and 28 per cent let their kids sleep with them.

When quizzed, 39 per cent of women said they prefer to sleep alone than with their other half, and 31 per cent of men said the same. Who can blame them, really? There's nothing worse than a snoring partner or a mid-night kick to the thigh.

It was also revealed that the figure for lonely sleepers peaked for the 18-24 age group, of which 31 per cent said they'd rather snooze on their bill.


But what about the sleeping habits of your other half themselves? Well, 66 per cent of people quizzed revealed that they find themselves arguing with their partners in the morning, as they share the annoying habits that their other halves have in bed. I could definitely think of better things to do with my morning than rant about how someone slept, that's a no brainer.

But, for 48 per cent of people - snoring drives them up the wall, while 27 per cent suffer more because of their partner taking up too much room.

Of those asked, 25 per cent said that it irks them when their spouse steals the covers, and 15 per cent went so far as to express irritation at their breathing through the night. Oh c'mon man, get some eat plugs and give over.


The study also unearthed what we do, or rather what we don't, get up to in bed. As it was revealed that as many as 43 per cent said they spend no time at all having sex in bed.

Instead, 44 per cent spend their time watching TV, while 46 per cent are on social media, 44 per cent check their emails and 53 per cent browse the internet. Some people just don't know what they're missing out on.

Of those surveyed, just 16 per cent said they feel as though they get enough sleep every night, all those bloody emails. A shocking 35 per cent said they would sacrifice a portion of their salary for an extra hour's shut-eye every night. Well, maybe everyone would given the fact that the 'portion' is not specified.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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Rebecca Shepherd
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