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Extremely Rare Fight Footage Of Britain's Most Notorious Prisoner Charles Bronson

Tom Wood

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Extremely Rare Fight Footage Of Britain's Most Notorious Prisoner Charles Bronson

As he starts to work towards a life outside of Her Majesty's Pleasure, it's perhaps time to revisit this incredible and rare footage of Charles Bronson, one of the UK's most notorious prisoners, getting stuck in during a boxing match on one of his last jaunts outside prison.


Bronson has recently become the first prisoner to ask for a public parole hearing, taking advantage of a change to the rules aimed at bringing a bit of transparency to the process.

While it remains to be seen whether his request will be granted, Bronson has spoken in recent years about how much he's changed.


But you're really here to see the fighting, aren't you?

The 69-year-old has spent the best part of 50 years in prison, but now believes that he's ready to come out.

The footage, which has been sitting on YouTube for years, shows that while Bronson might have a reputation for mindless violence, he's actually got some fairly decent technique to back it up.

Of course, he's no Floyd Mayweather, and obviously very angry during this fight, but what exactly were you expecting, anyway?


There is a large part of the video during which he is simply leathering his opponent, but there are some decent fends and jabs involved in the short bout that suggest a more technical side.

Eventually, one of those fends leads him into a massive counter punch which leaves his opponent sparked out on the canvas.

He probably got away with one there, too. How many of us would volunteer to spend more than two minutes in a ring with Bronson?

As the crowd becomes an angry mob following Bronson's increasingly vicious punches, a gun can be seen to fall onto the floor of the ring.

Bronson fires off a shot. Credit: Mirage Publishing
Bronson fires off a shot. Credit: Mirage Publishing

Bronson has a reputation for violence which extends to attacking prison officers, hostage-taking and rioting.

That being said, Charles believes he's managed to rehabilitate himself in prison, and could even be a free man before too long.

While his son George Bamby was being interviewed on podcast Anything Goes with James English, Bronson dialled in for a chat and said: "I could be out at the end of this year.


"We've just won in the High Court, I've got a public parole hearing, I'm just waiting for the date. We're gonna smash it mate.

"Because, for the last 50 years, paroles have been held behind closed doors. Now, I've got a new law, they've got to be in the public.

"I can have the media in, I can have the public in, there's no more sweeping my case under the mat."

He added: "My legal team, they all believe in me but at the end of the day there's only really one person that's gonna get me out, and that's myself.


"The way I've been behaving for the last few years, there's no reason why I can't get out.

"Now, if I don't get out this year, it's almost certain I'll be getting out next year, early next year."

Credit: Jim Nicholson/Shutterstock
Credit: Jim Nicholson/Shutterstock

Bronson, who was born Michael Gordon Peterson, continued: "The average screw - prison officer - who opens my door, they'd release me tomorrow because they know I'm no danger to the public.

"I'm not a murderer or a rapist, I could live next door to anyone and they wouldn't know I was there.

"They go on about rehabilitation - I've rehabilitated myself!"

At the age of 69, a future boxing career seems unlikely, but with the recent trend in older fighters returning to the ring - and simply because it's Charles Bronson - we'll just have to wait and see.

Featured Image Credit: Mirage Publishing

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Tom Wood
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