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Woman Shares Cleaning Tip To Fix Battered And Dirty Converse Shoes

Woman Shares Cleaning Tip To Fix Battered And Dirty Converse Shoes

They're so clean that she's even been accused of buying new shoes

A woman has shared her remarkable way to get once-white Converse trainers to sparkle once again using a simple cleaning method.

The shoes probably don't even need to be white to benefit from the technique, but it definitely worked with this woman's clapped-out old white sneaks.

Basically, she used a product called Pink Stuff, soaking the shoes in it for a couple of hours after she had initially cleaned them off using a toothbrush, then threw them into a 40 degree washing machine cycle.

As you can see, the shoes then look almost as good as new.


It's as simple as that, really.

If you've got a pair of mucky canvas trainers that you're not quite ready to part with yet, it's definitely worth the price of the cleaner. Cheaper than a new pair of shoes, right?

Oh, and the cleaning product costs only £1. That's one single pound.

As we've covered, significantly cheaper than new Converse.

The woman shared her snazzy sneaker tip in Facebook group to the Facebook cleaning group 'Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It' - which is a pretty decent place to find out about these sorts of things, if you're interested - and wrote: "The Pink stuff is the best for Converse!"


Explaining her method, she continued: "I wet them and then used a toothbrush and scrubbed them with the Pink Stuff paste.

"I let them sit with the pink stuff on it for about 2 hours and then just put them on a 40 degree wash, then let them air dry outside."

Since the woman shared her hack, the comments and shares have been racking up on the original post.

However, some people aren't convinced, and have even accused her of buying a new pair of shoes so that she could pretend that she'd cleaned them off.

Unless she's got a shady - and very unusual - deal with Pink Stuff, that's probably unlikely.

The woman responded to one such person, asking: "What would I get out of lying about cleaning a pair of shoes?! People are nuts!"

Yes, the internet is a strange place.

If you want to grab some Pink Stuff, it's just a quid from Wilko, and promises to clean a lot more than just trainers.

It can be used on sinks, cookers, pans, showers, garden furniture, and basically whatever else you've got.

It's popular enough in the group, as one person commented: "Pink stuff is amazing! Best to pop them on the line when the suns out. Makes them come out whiter!"

Another said: "I do this with my children's white trainers works wonders."

A third commented: "I've tried this too on mine."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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