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Woman shares mystifying trick to ‘delay her voice’

Woman shares mystifying trick to ‘delay her voice’

Her ability to move her mouth first and speak the words afterwards is enough to mess with anyone's head

A young woman has taken to TikTok to share her rather unusual talent — she can 'delay' her voice.

Watch her demonstrate her peculiar party trick below:

Gracie Scullion has perfected the skill where she moves her mouth first and then speaks the words afterwards.

Similar to ventriloquism, Gracie, from Carnegie, Pennsylvania, exaggeratedly mouths whatever she is about to say and then keeps her mouth as still as possible as she speaks for real.

The 'lagging' effect makes Gracie's videos look as though they have been poorly dubbed, causing people to be impressed and confused in equal measures.

Gracie has confused TikTok viewers by 'delaying' her speech.

Speaking on the TikTok video, Gracie said: "You just delay your words after you mouth them."

She went on to add: "A lot of people are asking about how I did the lagging voice thing and they want a tutorial. All I can say is find words that don't make your lips touch like hi and hey.

"I'm not that good with ventriloquism, I can't do crazy cool songs like that.

"Literally, all you have to do is find words that don't make your lips touch. So yeah, that's about it."

"All you have to do is find words that don't make your lips touch," she says.

Gracie said: "To do it, I try to over exaggerate 'mouthing' the first word, but I won't add my voice until my mouth is completely still and closed.

"It's almost like ventriloquism, but the illusion of mouthing the word first makes it unique. So far people have been shocked by it, and seeing it done automatically makes them want to try it too!"

TikTok certainly has a habit of taking us by surprise by the weird and wonderful content it produces.

Take Tris Marie, for example, who shocked viewers when she took part in an 'age check challenge.'

In the video, the woman from Branson, Missouri, let fans into a secret that she's actually 40 years old.

TikTok users were shocked to find out Tris Marie's real age.

The video, which has been viewed over 2.4 million times, has amassed over 170,000 likes and more than 12,500 comments from confused viewers.

One person wrote: "I'm 22 and I look like her mom," another added: "I was like 'Bruh she like 20 is she bout to lie and say she's like 13.. When she said forty my mouth DROPPED."

Another viewer asked: "Man, how you get to look like that at 40 and I look 66 at 30?" to which Tris responded: "I dunno lol I'm Irish... good genes I guess?" Your guess is as good as ours.

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