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Man banned from every bookie in UK gets 'robbed' after flashing £100k

Man banned from every bookie in UK gets 'robbed' after flashing £100k

Jason Haddigan was a prolific conman, and says he was targeted recently

A notorious conman who was banned from every bookie in the UK, says he was robbed after flashing £100,000 online.

Jason Haddigan was a prolific fraudster who fleeced countless betting shops by swapping losing betting slips for fake winners:

With the help of his dad Brian and accomplice Neil Cole, he stole thousands.

Between June 2012 and February 2013, the trio hit 31 bookies, taking in over £15,670 from Ladbrokes, William Hill and M Cook Bookmakers with their scam.

But their con came crashing down in 2014 when Haddigan was banged up in 2014 and banned from entering any bookie in the country.

Since then, the convicted conman has been pretty open about his past, releasing his book, How and Why I Conned the Bookies, in 2017 before being put behind bars once again in 2021.

Jason Haddigan is a convicted conman.
YouTube/Anything Goes with James English

And he recently sat down for a chat with James English on his podcast.

During their lengthy conversation, the host asked him if anyone had ever come after him for revenge as a result of his shady past.

Laughing, Haddigan said: "Funny you should say that, I got burgled last week. Yeah, yeah.

"I've never been burgled at all in my f***ing life and there's now videos of me on TikTok, Instagram, sitting on the table with f***ing £100k.

"I'm just taking a p*ss. I have had a few trolls on Twitter years ago and what I do now is, I just do that [flashing cash] to p*ss them off."

In the video he's talking about, Haddigan is seen at home with £100,000 on his table while he offers some advice to gamblers ahead of Cheltenham.

"Listen, if you are gambling and it's getting out of control, there's help," he says.

"You've got GamStop, Gamblers Anonymous. Just be careful."

Haddigan claims his house was burgled recently.

He then hits out at his critics, saying he hopes the video winds them up.

Haddigan posted it to his channel with the caption: "Wonder if my copycats can copy this one."

Back in his chat with English, Haddigan said that he noticed a suspicious comment left on the vid.

"But there was a comment and it was from a woman, or it could have been a bloke, but it was a woman's face," he explained.

"She said 'are you getting worried about getting robbed?' and I said, 'No'.

"I've put this video up like six months ago and I got robbed last week.

"I won't go into details of what they took but she's commented on the TikTok video which I've put up six months ago, saying 'so you're not worried then?'

"I thought 'you b*tch' and I blocked her off."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/JasonHaddigan3/Anything Goes With James English

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