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Britain's heaviest man threatens to call the police if nurses deny him fizzy drinks

Britain's heaviest man threatens to call the police if nurses deny him fizzy drinks

Britain's heaviest man is on a strict liquid diet, which has resulted in him threatening to call the police on nurses.

Britain's heaviest man has spoken recently on his frustration surrounding his limited liquid diet that means he can no longer have his favourite fizzy drinks.

Jason Holt, 32, from Surrey, came moments away from death in June after his vital organs began to fail.

Before that, 47 stone Jason would down three litres of soft drinks every day, but now carers are putting strict measures on him.

Holt can only drink 1.5 litres of liquid in a 24 hour period, with him complaining that he is dehydrated.

He has even threatened to call the police if nurses refuse to give him his fizzy drinks back.

In an interview with The Sun, Jason said: "I am on a drink restriction and I keep trying to explain to them, 'I’ve got my human rights and I should be able to drink what I want to'. But I’m not allowed.

Jason Holt has complained he's not allowed fizzy drinks (stock image).
Eshma / Alamy Stock Photo

"I’m so down about it. What does this say to society, that you can’t drink now?"

He continued: "I keep saying, ‘Why can’t you give me my drink back instead of making life difficult for me?'

"I told them I’ll call the police because I’m constantly dehydrated."

Jason says that he is only allowed to drink 100ml at a time - something he says is 'ridiculous for someone my size'.

In June, Jason suffered a series of mini strokes and a suspected blood clot as he struggled to breath.

Paramedics arrived at his home in Surrey and feared at the time he would not make it through the night.

It took them two hours to get him to Frimley Park Hospital in a specially designed ambulance.

Jason Holt says he is struggling with dehydration.
Rachel Swabey/ The Mirror

Jason recalled the memories of that day with The Sun: "If I didn’t call 999, I’d be dead. I couldn’t breathe.

"It felt like something was blocked inside me and I was suffocating.

"When they finally arrived it took a couple of hours to get me out because I couldn’t even stand."

He continued: "I knew something wasn’t right before because I couldn’t get out of bed. I was very sleepy and I stopped being able to talk.

"I know I’m lucky to be alive but it doesn’t feel that way because of the restrictions I am now under."

Jason now has his cared paid for by the NHS at a private nursing home just outside of London.

He became Britain's heaviest man in June as the previous holder, 55 stone Matthew Crawford, died aged just 37.

Featured Image Credit: Rachel Swabey/ The Mirror

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