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Jeffrey Dahmer’s only surviving victim recalls terrifying moments before escape

Jeffrey Dahmer’s only surviving victim recalls terrifying moments before escape

Tracy Edwards narrowly escaped being another victim to Jeffrey Dahmer's killing spree

Jeffrey Dahmer’s only surviving victim spoke out about his narrow escape. Watch below as survivor Tracy Edwards recalls his terrifying 1991 encounter in court.

Jeffrey Dahmer was convicted of killing seventeen men and boys between 1978 and 1991.

As viewers around the world are stunned learning of the Milwaukee cannibal killer in Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, it turns out that the man who survived to tell the story was also the person that handed him in to police.

Back in the early 90, the pair met outside a mall they and went back to the killer's apartment to have a few drinks.

Soon after, Edwards was drugged and handcuffed.

Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer.
Netflix / Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Edwards exclusively told Radar: "He had slapped handcuffs on my left wrist, pulled my arm under my back, and pressed a 12-inch knife to the crotch of my pants.

"His head was against my chest as he listened to the pounding of my terror-stricken heart.

"'I can hear it beating now', he said in a quiet voice, 'soon it will be mine'.

"I wanted to run for my life, but I was trapped by the crazed cannibal in his real-life house of horrors. 

"I'd seen a human head in Dahmer's bedroom, hands hanging in his closet, and body parts in his refrigerator.

"And with the stench of rotten flesh in my nostrils, I knew he'd already picked out his next victim — me!

"'Dear God, don't let this butcher kill me', I prayed. In my mind, I struggled to develop and escape plan — and tried to understand how I'd gotten into this mess."

Court TV

Edwards added: "Then he started rocking back and forth, chanting in a singsong voice, 'It's time! It's time'. I told myself, 'Get out now, or you're dead!'

"In a flash, I stood up and threw a right-handed punch to his jaw. I kicked him in the chest, knocking him to the ground. Then I dashed to the door. 

"I opened both locks at the same time, as I prayed, 'God let me out before he plunges that knife in my back'. I heard Jeff running behind me. I turned the knob, and the door swung open. Just as I was about to get out, I felt his grip on my wrist.

"I swung around and shoved him back with every ounce of strength I had. Within moments, I was on the street, running as fast as I could as I flagged down a police car.

"They arrested Dahmer, and as they took him away in manacles, I breathed a sigh of relief. But it was only after he was gone that the full impact of my ordeal hit me: I spent five hours in hell."

The serial killer was sentenced to 16 terms of life imprisonment in both Wisconsin and Ohio, and was eventually beaten to death by a fellow inmate in 1994.

Featured Image Credit: World History Archive / Alamy / @courttv/YOUTUBE

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