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Joe Lycett Investigated By Police After Fan Finds Joke Too Offensive

Joe Lycett Investigated By Police After Fan Finds Joke Too Offensive

Police have been asked to investigate the comedian Joe Lycett after a fan found one of his jokes too offensive.

Joe Lycett was recently investigated by the police after a fan at one of his gigs found one of his jokes to be 'too offensive'.

The comedian took to Twitter to share his encounter with the law, which involved him writing out a statement for officers explaining the context behind one of his jokes.

Currently on tour, the comedian was told that the police had a 'duty to investigate' the possibly offensive joke, only to find there was really nothing behind the fan complaint.

The joke in question, which Lycett considers to be 'one of the best I've ever written', is staying in the show where it will hopefully not land him in further trouble with the law.

Unless he somehow ends up in jail for this then the comedian's tour will continue unhindered and unaltered.

Explaining the situation on social media, he wrote: "So someone came to my tour show a few weeks back and was offended by one of the jokes. And their perfectly understandable response to this was... to call the f*****g police.

"To be fair to them, the fuzz were very nice about it and all but felt that had a duty to investigate. This involved me writing a statement explaining the context of the joke for them."

"I particularly enjoyed putting the words 'giant donkey d**k' into a message to a police detective. Charmed, and hopefully amused, the rozzers have since closed the matter."

All in all it was probably quite a fun day for the officer responsible for getting his statement on the complaint.

Police now consider the matter surrounding Joe Lycett's joke closed.

It's probably just as well this didn't go any further as Lycett has a track record of playing merry havoc with the authorities.

A self-confessed regular at picking up parking tickets, the comedian also has a knack for getting out of paying them.

One of his hilarious routines on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown retold an email chain between Lycett and the council where he submitted various types of 'evidence' until they decided to call off the fine.

Fans of the comedian rejoiced to hear the news that he wasn't in any trouble, with one person writing that they were 'very relieved to hear that the giant donkey dick is intact'.

Another said they were 'howling thinking about someone calling the police because they didn't like a joke'.

Others who hadn't seen Lycett's show really wanted to know what the joke was, because when you hear about a joke involving the words 'giant donkey dick' it's really difficult not to want to hear the whole thing.

Joe Lycett's 'More More More' Tour continues in the UK and Ireland until September.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@joelycett/Channel 4

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